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Low Prices on Cannon Balls The largest cannonball projectile - fired in active service during the war - was fired from a mortar known as the Dictator, which had to be sent to the front lines on a railroad car. It was capable of firing a 13-inch shell, that weighed 225 pounds, at targets two miles away

Cannon Bore Diameters Foreign and/or pre-1860 bore and projectile diameters will vary from this table: Caliber designation: Bore diameters in inche Although the small and medium cannon balls are completely round, the largest ball is lumpy and oddly shaped. It is also the lightest, weighing 5 ½ pounds and is 17 inches in circumference. Cannonballs still turn up today in backyards, fields and construction sites where Civil War activity took place over 150 years ago Under about 6 inches of soil. He just assumed it was a cannon ball. Is that the right size for Missouri State Guard or Union Sigel's cannon? Around 5 pounds, 31/2 inches around

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  1. Civil War cannonballs are fascinating pieces of history and valuable memorabilia for collectors. Unfortunately, because of the inconsistencies in manufacturing of artillery and the inherent difficulty of identifying a metal orb, it can be difficult to say definitively if your cannonball is really from the Civil War
  2. Round shot or solid shot or a cannonball or simply ball A solid spherical projectile made, in early times, from dressed stone but, by the 17th century, from iron. The most accurate projectile that could be fired by a smooth-bore cannon, used to batter the wooden hulls of opposing ships, forts, or fixed emplacements, and as a long-range anti-personnel weapon
  3. Albert Borgard specified that along with the weight of cannonballs the windage of the guns should be standardised. He specified that the bore diameter should be 21 / 20 of the gun's round shot diameter. This gives a windage value of 0.2 for a 4 lb cannon but gives a rather large 0.33 for a 42 pounder
  4. They were called 12 pounders because the balls weighed 12 pounds; the guns themselves weighed about a ton, and could be made of iron, or infrequently brass or bronze. There were other types of..
  5. Cannon Ball - CS\US 12lb Artillery Cannon Ball, takes a wood fuse, the size is 4 1/4 in diameter, 6 3/4 pounds, location of recovery un-known, nice display. - Price is $ 250.00 plus shipping and insurance. Item - R-27-2684 Gettysburg Bullets - I had these since about 1970, they were purchased from George Lower's Barber Shop, Gettysburg square
  6. Get the best deals on Civil War Cannon Ball when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ( 2 ) Civil War Grape Shot Cannon Balls Gettysburg Battlefield Finds. $40.00. 0 bids. $2.99 shipping. Ending Today at 4:48PM PDT 7h 1m
  7. Field howitzer calibers used in the Civil War were 12-pounder (4.62 inch bore), 24-pounder (5.82 inch bore), and 32-pounder (6.41 inch bore). Most of the howitzers used in the war were bronze, with notable exceptions of some of Confederate manufacture

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2 Civil War Relic Cannonball Case Shot Brandy Station Virginia : Details » Buy Now for $10.00 » Buy: $10.00: Ships: Free: $10.00: 4 days 16 hrs 27 mins: Item Condition: Used; Item Location: Warrenton, VA, USA ZIP 201** Shipping Type: Free; Handling Time: 2 business days; Seller: brush-17cvfd Feedback: 5,110 / 100%; See other items for sale. But round balls were the most common solid shot used in the Civil War, and those are what you see today welded into a pyramid shape and set next to a cannon in a town square. Sources: Daniel A. Lindley and Keir Lieber, both Notre Dame assistant professors of government/political science; Dennis Showalter, professor of history, Colorado College. 1640's English civil war cannon balls - 18 pounder sized - solid iron balls used in strands of grape 59mm dia, 1.96lbs 1640's Civil War cannon ball - 45mm dia- 336g, 11.9oz 1640's Civil War half pound cannon ball - 7.8oz,39m

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The good news for you: You say your iron ball is 4 inches in diameter and weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce. Those measurements match up very nearly exactly with a Revolutionary War era 9-pounder caliber Solid-Shot cannonball 800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U.S.: 1-731-885-0700 Information Line: 1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. MON-FRI 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CS Beginning from the early 14th century, it was the heaviest (to destroy fortifications), and the through the years, the ball for smaller and lighter (to have better aim and shoot further distance). During the civil war, the average cannonball size was 12lb or 5.4kg. Jennifer Chung -- 200 Civil War Artillery Pieces such as Field Carriages with Parrott rifles,6-Pdr. Cannon, Howitzers, and 3 Ordnance Rifles are available at approximately 25% full-size. Also Dictator Mortars, welded stacks of cannon balls and full-size replicas of grape-shot, etc. These are dimensionally scaled pieces for indoor and outdoor use. STAGE PROP Their calibers went from the smallest - a two pounder used with swivel guns, mortars and small bore cannon on specially made carriages, to the largest - a fifty pound garrison gun. The distance or range varied tremendously by the size of the ball and the amount of powder used to propel it

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  1. 140-Yr.-Old Cannonball Kills Civil War Fan May 2, 2008 / 9:41 PM / AP Sam White got hooked on the U.S. Civil War early, digging up rusting bullets and military buttons in the battle-scarred earth.
  2. GREAT CIVIL WAR CANNONBALL PIECE - FOUND GETTYSBURG - ROUND TOP. $6.50. Time left 4d 12h left. 3 bids +$8.55 shipping. Watch. 4 L S p o 1 n 6 7 A s I o r e d Y G 3 8. CIVIL WAR (10) MEDIUM CANNON BALL CANNISTER SHOT (PORT HUDSON) Pre-Owned. $59.99. Buy It Now +$8.55 shipping. Watch. G 5 S 8 p G 6 o C n T 5 s o r Q S 9 e d. CIVIL WAR (5) MEDIUM.
  3. Dec 14, 2016 - Explore Terry Francis's board Cannon balls from 1800 on Pinterest. See more ideas about cannon, artillery, shells
  4. Civil War Artillery Types. Civil War artillery barrels came in two varieties. They were either smoothbore or rifled. Smoothbore artillery such as the Napoleon were made of bronze and shot round iron cannonballs.. Rifled artillery pieces such as the 10-pounder Parrott rifle and the 3-inch Ordnance rifle were made of cast iron and wrought iron and used conical shaped shells

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Antique cannon for sale at International Military Antiques such as U.S. Civil War cannon, WWI cannon, Napoleonic War cannon, Revolution War Cannon and more This referred to the weight of the cannonball the gun fired. For example, a 12 pounder fired a round 12 pounds (5.4 kg) solid piece of steel. In the 17th century, when howitzers were developed, the term pounder began to be used less and less although it was used through the Civil War. Smooth bores included both guns and howitzers Old Civil War era cannonball I found in a house I rented when I was younger. Believed to be Civil War era (although not certain, research has me to believe this due to the size, weight and production of it), made of cast iron, weighs 9lbs/11.4oz. Diameter is 4.0375 I recently acquired what I was told is a cannon ball from the civil war era. It measures approx 6-1/2 diameter, and weighs 45 lbs. There is a 1-1/2 small circle on one end, and a larger 4 concentric circle. Also imprinted on two sides is the letter and. Own a historic Civil War relic! Authentic artillery shells, musket balls, bullets, cannon balls, etc. Buy online & support the Gettysburg Museum of History

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Shot from artillery (cannon balls) Most of the cannon balls in the Mary Rose are of iron, and represent some of the earliest cast iron in Britain; a few are made from stone. Stone balls were still in use in small numbers up to the English Civil War (mid 17th century) What are cannon balls worth Just wondering what cannon balls are worth? I found three of them ,a 4 pounder ,a 6 pounder and a large one that had a wood plug in it .I had to take the powder out . Some one asked me the other day what they are worth and I said that I have no clue. I have cannonballs from the American Civil War that were. How Do Cannon Balls Explode? By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 3, 2020 3:40:52 AM ET. Larry Dale Gordon/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images. Exploding cannonballs were hollow iron balls filled with gunpowder, fit with a fuse and lit before they were placed in a cannon and shot toward the enemy target I highly doubt that the ball in question (if it even was a cannonball) would have been used at River Raisin due to its size. Mobile artillery in the War of 1812 was generally of a small size and something this large would have not been a field artillery size at that time - would have been in a fort or permanent emplacement

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His digging produced some old dolls, tool parts, toothbrushes and what appeared to be a Civil-War-era cannonball that they placed on display inside their home, built in 1812 Civil War Cannon summary: There were many types of cannons used in the the civil war, including the 6-pounder Gun, M1857 12-pounder Napoleon, 12-pounder Howitzer, 24-pounder Howitzer, 10-pounder Parrott rifle, 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, and the 20-pounder Parrott rifle.One of the more important technological advances at the time of the Civil War was the ability mass produce rifled barrel field. A Non-Authentic Example: The figure below shows a classic non-authentic ball actually put up for sale at a recent Civil War Relic Show. It appears to be about the correct size for a 12 Pdr. caliber cannonball, but it is not of Civil War vintage nor even a military cannonball I became somewhat familiar with cannon balls after I bought one at a flea market. Turned out, not a cannon ball. Maybe a grinding ball. I don't remember exact sizes, three inches, four inches is about right for a 12 lb Napoleon. There were 6 pounders. I hope an expert can confirm, but I was told 12 pounds was the weight of the ball and charge Civil War Relics Original Outstanding Large 12lb. Civil War Cannon Ball Recovered From The Fredericksburg Battlefield, The Classic Civil War Cannon Ball Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History $ 379.0

CIVIL WAR DUG RELIC 62 LB SOLID SHOT CANNONBALL ARTILLERY SHELL MOBILE BAY,AL: Details » Bid on This Item » Bid: $41.00: Ships: Free: $41.00: 5 days 19 hrs 58 mins: Item Condition: Used; Item Location: Acworth, GA, USA ZIP 301** Shipping Type: Local Pick-up; Handling Time: 1 business day; Returns Accepte What size cannon balls were used in the Civil War? Field howitzer calibers used in the Civil War were 12-pounder (4.62 inch bore), 24-pounder (5.82 inch bore), and 32-pounder (6.41 inch bore). Most of the howitzers used in the war were bronze, with notable exceptions of some of Confederate manufacture. How did cannon balls work Shiloh may be the only American Civil War Battlefield where this rare, unusual sized projectile was used and only a handful have been found there, Most likely used in an obsolete smoothbore gun. Found many years ago by Bill Shaner on private property. $495.00 . ART 68. Dug 2.9″ Confederate Read-Parrott Common Shell

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From the size of the wound, and the remains of the projectile itself, it can be determined what type of munition hit this man: an iron canister ball from one of two field howitzers known to have been used in the repulse of that attack. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers was not the first black regiment in the Civil War, nor was it the first to. Description. This article is from the U.S. Civil War FAQ, by Justin M. Sanders jsanders@jaguar1.usouthal.edu with numerous contributions by others.. 14 What is the difference between grapeshot and canister? (U.S. Civil War: Battles and fighting forces) Here is a list of the various ammunitions used in the war Shiloh Relics is one of the world&146;s largest Civil War and World War marketplaces on the web. We provide online trading exchange between the individual customer and Shiloh Relics. Individuals not big businesses use Shiloh Relics to buy and sel

An ordnance disposal technician puts C-4 explosive on two Civil War cannonballs that washed up on Folly Beach in October. Of the 17 shells uncovered by Hurricane Matthew, 15 were destroyed A bomb squad safely deactivated a live Civil War-era piece of ammunition after it was discovered in Maryland last week. A homeowner contacted the state's fire marshal after being given what seemed to be an unexploded cannonball that a family member found near the Monocacy Battlefield in Frederick, about 50 miles west of Baltimore It took a gun crew of six to load and fire the second most common rifled field artillery in both Armies. Seen in the video is the a vintage Model 1861 3-Inc.. The discovery of a cache of cannon balls left behind after the worst civilian disaster of the U.S. Civil War brought construction on a Pennsylvania apartment complex to a halt on Tuesday while.

Often overlooked were the Civil War artillery units. For example, according to Dyer (1908) and The Union Army (1908), the highest combat related casualties sustained by any New York unit during the four year conflict was the 8th New York Heavy Artillery: the Civil War artillery unit suffered 19 officers and 342 enlisted men (361 total) in killed and mortally wounded (100 more than the famed. Five centuries of evolution of bronze field pieces were climaxed by a single smoothbore. One cannon was to outperform, and, during the Civil War to make obsolete, both 6-pounder guns and 12-pounder howitzers of mixed light field artillery batteries. Although officially called the light 12-pounder gun i They'd found a Civil War cannonball in the chimney of an 1890s townhouse. Live bombs from past conflicts can linger for years, often decades. Or in the case of Civil War bombs, well over a century In Civil War movies all the cannon balls explode. Is this accurate or did they just have regular cannon balls? Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. R.M. Wolcott. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The big difference is the size of the balls for grape shot is much bigger. Think of the balls in canister as being about the size of a golf ball and.

Welcome to Trail Rock Ordnance! Established in 2007, our company provides a wide assortment of military replicas that are well suited for Civil and Revolutionary War Reenactments and period related educational programs of that era, providing an authentic feel of historical events for both participants and observers during a display of living history On the morning of April 21, 2009, a local homeowner arrived at the visitor center at Fort Smith National Historic Site in Arkansas with the best of intentions but the worst of plans—he was carrying an old cannonball he'd dug up in his garden. Ranger Jeremy Lynch, the park's historic weapons specialist, recognized the object as a six pound cased shot (fragmentation ball) wit The gauge came in two sizes; the largest 0.02- or .03-inches greater than the true diameter of the projectile; the smallest 0.02- or .03-inches or less than the true diameter. To be a true diameter, the projectile should not pass through the small gauge at all but had to pass in any direction through the large gauge Possible Civil War cannon balls unearthed in S.C. after Matthew John and Judy Manzi, who have a home on Little Oak Island on the other side of Folly, went on to the beach Sunday and said a friend.

Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Civil War Cannon Die Cast Miniature Replica Pencil Sharpener Diecast Collectible. 4.6 out of 5 stars 154. $6.49 $ 6. 49. FREE Shipping. Safari Ltd Designer TOOBS Civil War Union Soldiers Collection #2. 4.5 out of 5 stars 73. 24% off A Civil War cannon in the fall A Civil War cannon at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the fall woods civil war cannon balls stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Battle lines are established Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA- July 7, 2013: Federal battle lines are established as foot soldiers and cannon align on the battlefield during a. I have my doubts. The smallest Civil War cannon ball weight was 6 pounds. And then you get in the grape and canister shot. The seam does not guarantee authenticity. If your weight is accurate, then it is likely not a cannon ball. Unfortunately, mixer balls have made their way into the antique market as cannonballs

Non-Firing 1841 Six Pounder concrete cannon balls or cannonballs with or without garland stand, ram rods tampion, and vent cover as optional display pieces that goes along with a yard display concrete cannon and carriage. All for sale on Michael's Artillery Reproductions of Cannons and Carriages war items of the American Civil War and Revolutionary War Mini Cannon Tech's miniature cannons are the real deal! Our mini cannons are built to fire with real gun powder and mini cannon balls. They are made with premium materials and are designed to look and function just like the real cannons An authentic Revolutionary War, (English), 4 Pounder Cannon Ball, ca. 1779. ***Found along with several other Cannon Balls, around the site of the Battle of Castine (July, 1779) in present-day Maine and accompanied by a brief history of the Battle. Price: $575.0 i have 5 different size cannon balls. civil war era. they are steel, not lead. $10.00 each. call or text show contact info do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 729451065 Very nice artillery display containing five iron balls ranging from case shot to 6-pound size canister and 12 pound size canister ball, and finally a large Naval grape.--$75. for the entire display. Nice condition, original, Civil War Artillery lanyard

It was determined by the Ordinance Unit that the object was indeed a Civil War cannon ball although it contained no powder of explosive charge. According to the EOD Unit this cannon ball was meant to be used by placing it in a canister along with other cannon balls the same size and placed in a cannon and fired Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Civil War Collectables now! Looking For Civil War Collectables? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping

The Arms & Equipment in the Civil War Message Board In Response To: Re: 4 and 8 lb cannon balls () Jerry The 9lb 1835 bronze field gun and the 9lb confederate bronze field howlitzer had 4in. bores The most common cannonball was 12 pounds. Other sizes were used as well. Many of the Confederate cannon, early in the war, were 3 or 6 pound brass cannon because of a lack of large-scale iron. I get this by looking at the barrel size in the photo with Tory Belleci above. The ball is made of iron with a density of 7,860 kg/m 3 . This would make the mass of the cannon ball 5.5 kg Stamp Marks: Most authentic Civil War cannonballs have no stamped numbers or letters on them. Old sports Shot Puts frequently have the numbers: 6, 8, 12 or 16 stamped on them or their metric weight equivalent for more modern Puts. These stamps represent their sports weight classification

Is this a Civil War Cannonball War Relic Hunting. So I didn't find any solid balls in that size. The most popular -on land- shot for cannons would have something that would detonate and send frag everywhere The Civil War was a time of great social and political upheaval. It was also a time of great technological change. Inventors and military men devised new types of weapons, such as the repeating.

Civil War Cannons The original full scale 6 Pounder is 65 in length, weighs 885lb, has a 3.67 bore and used 1.25lb of blackpowder per shot. At only a 5-degree elevation it could shoot a 6-pound projectile over 1600 yards Occasionally used during the Civil War, this unofficial term of FLYING ARTILLERY meant light or horse artillery. It is a reference to the comparatively high maneuvering speeds of these batteries and was used admiringly. Like the term light, however, it sometimes is misapplied to field artillery in general Civil War Shop Welcome to CivilWarShop.com, the online store of Battleground Antiques, Inc. - one of the most established antique militaria businesses in the United States. We are pleased to offer some of the finest authentic memorabilia in the world from our headquarters in New Bern, NC Many people would like to make their own real, life-size cannon to decorate their home, use as a theatre prop, finish the children's castle, tree house, etc. Most are capable of the fairly easy task of making a carriage, however, the cost and complexity required to produce the cannon barrel make it an unfulfilled dream

By time of the American Civil War however, its diminutive size and weight of shot was beginning to become long in the tooth. The Union army phased out the 6-Pounder Field Gun in favor of 12-Pounder Napoleons, but it remained in active service throughout the Confederacy due to arms shortages, though Robert E. Lee at one point ordered that his 6. Civil War Era Cannonball Gauge / Caliper Stamped U.S. These were used to measure cannonballs fired by the enemy to gauge if they could be recycled and fired back at the enemy from your own cannon

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It is 4.5 inches in diameter, which provided the necessary windage for the 4.62-inch diameter of the Napoleon. The groove in the base of the sabot allowed the powder charge to be tied to it, after which it would be referred to as fixed ammunition. This was the most common solid projectile used in the Civil War On the eve of the Civil War, Capt. William Maynadier — the officer in charge of the Ordnance Bureau in Washington, D.C. — described Moultrie's mixed assortment of existing weaponry in an official report which he compiled on December 21, 1860, as consisting of: ten new 8-inch Columbiads, fourteen 32-pounder guns, sixteen 24-pounder guns This rare 12 pound Civil War Cannonball was an early recovery from Culp's Hill. A substantial hill with heavily wooded slopes, Culp's Hill was a perfect anchor for the Union right flank at Gettysburg, and became known as the point of the famous fishhook. The cannonball was an early recovery of the Shield's Museum A Confederate battery. 8. At all levels of command, Civil War generals, especially the Confederates, regularly mismanaged artillery. Perhaps no greater sign of this was Brigadier General William Pendleton's elevation to command the Army of Northern Virginia's artillery on the basis of his friendship with Robert E. Lee, rather than any demonstrated competence

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Could be shell or case shot, but appears too old for Civil War, given the descriptions in the 1862 Ordnance Manual. This book says they have holes called Ears for handling purposes, but maybe that is just the larger ones. They were made up to 15 size. This one should be 4.52 OD and is for a 12 pounder - maybe that is why it is marked 12 These .575 Minie Balls are a great choice not only for use with .577 or .58 Civil War-era rifles and muskets, but also suitable for reloading in .577 and .58 caliber cartridges of similar size.Sold in Quantity of 20 According to the last official U.S. Army inventory summarizing Fort Moultrie's main armament prior to the Civil War — compiled and submitted on December 21, 1860 (five days before its evacuation) by Capt. William Maynadier, the officer in charge of the Ordnance Bureau in Washington, D. C. — its garrison's mixed assortment of weaponry included fourteen 32-pounder guns, in addition to.

Find great deals on eBay for civil war cannon. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content black powder cannon civil war cannon full size civil war cannon replica civil war cannon ball antique cannon replica cannon signal cannon civil war sword civil war Franklin Mint Civil War Chess Piece- Rook - Cannon Balls . Pre-Owned. C $60.28. Buy. An easy way to bring history alive and make the study of the Civil War in American history more fun is to build a Civil War Cannon Replica. Take the final size, for example 5 inches long and divide 5 inches by the actual size of the cannon in inches (6 feet is 72 inches, 7 feet is 84 inches, 8 feet is 96 inches). and cannon balls by. Civil war cannonball Discussion in 'GatorTail Pub & Grill' started by OklahomaGator,. These were made in a Gettysburg foundry by Calvin Hamilton, a Civil War veteran, between 1895 and 1910. There were many types and styles of artillery rounds manufactured during the Civil War. Smoothbore guns such as 12-pounder Napoleons and howitzers fired round cannon balls. Elongated or conical-shaped shells were used in rifled cannon They were able to compare it to many Civil War cannonballs in the Museum Resource Centre's collection. Its weight and dimensions suggest it was shot from a saker cannon, a medium-caliber long range cannon that was widely used in the early 16th century and 17th century. It's the first Civil War cannonball unearthed in Southwell

Scott and his wife, Debi, live in York, Pa., and for more than a decade, he was written this blog, Cannonball, on the Civil War history of York County. His great-great-grandfather was a 15-year-old drummer and rifleman in the 51st Ohio Infantry under General George Pap Thomas, and other family members fought at Antietam and Gettysburg in. There were three general types of artillery projectiles in use during the Civil War, most round Civil War era cannonballs seen today on battlefields are shot, What are different types of cannonballs - The Q&A wik This is a great piece of Civil War artillery history. It is an original front blade-style sight for a Civil War cannon. This one stands 3-1/2 inches tall and is about ½ of an inch across. The side of the sight is marked 8.IN.S.C.H. Civil War cannon, reproduction black powder cannons, civil war crafts, cannon parts, moulds, ball moulds, carriage barrel, memorabilia and collectables for sale. This is my own personal cannon. Welcome all Civil War Soldiers! All questions will be answered, thank you for your interest. Name * First. Last. Email Best bet is to find a Civil war historian and get it appraised. I wouldn't expect cannon balls to be too much, though I may be wrong. Source(s): CPL US Army. 1 1. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Depends on size, condition, and history, but maybe worth 250 bucks

Mounted on a field carriage, the howitzer fired both bombs and cannon balls at a flat or high trajectory. Howitzer The size of the mortar and howitzer was designated by the width of the bore. Eight, ten, 12 and 13-inch mortars and howitzers were used at Yorktown It appears to be a Civil War era cannonball that would be filled with gunpowder and shrapnel which is set off by the screw in fuse you see. About 4 3/4 dia. and 16 lb. My strong suspicion is that it is NOT a shell, since it appears to be basically solid, according to your statements The cannonball discovered under St. John School has the same size and weight of a single piece of solid shot ordnance that Civil War soldiers fired from howitzers. Rhodes' great-grandfather served in the 3rd Missouri Union Cavalry. He knows his ancestor served on patrols between Benton and Hot Springs Civil War Replica Weaponry Perfect for decorating home or office, we offer a variety of Civil War era replica weapons. Filter by All artillery balls bullet bullets caisson cannon cannon ball cannons canoon cavalry collectible freemason gun gun plaque guns knife knives limber lincoln mortar Pencil sharpener pistol replica replica weapons.

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Civil War cannons came in many different shapes and sizes. The most common Civil War Artillery pieces were the field guns such as the napoleon, whitworth and ordnance rifles.. These guns were fired directly at the enemy, while mortars and howitzers were lobbed over the enemy and would drop on top of them Civil War Cannonballs Uncovered by Hurricane Have Been Detonated By Laura Geggel 12 October 2016 A resident walking on the east end of Folly Island spotted the ordnances on the beach on Sunday.

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Hurricane Matthew washes Civil War cannon balls up on a South Carolina beach, 155 years after the conflict began eight miles up the coast at Fort Sumter About 15 Civil War-era cannonballs surfaced. In 2008, a man who collected Civil War relics died after a cannonball he was attempting to restore exploded. The next year a Pennsylvania man was charged after accidentally firing a 2-pound cannonball into his neighbor's home. No one was injured in that incident CIVIL WAR Antique Remington Zouave 1863 Rifle Only 12,501 Made for Union Army 1863-1865 Here we present an antique Remington Zouave Model 1863 Rifle-Musket, made in 1863 in Ilion, New York. OnClick for more info. Seller: AncestryGunsLLC . Area Code: 314 . $2,250.00

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Civil War solid cast iron cannonball found near the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Independence Stake Center and the Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri, circa 1990. This solid shot, 2.75-inch projectile was likely fired by a Union Army Parrot Rifle during the Second Battle of Independence (October 21 - 22, 1864) Title: [Musician James Shaw (left) and Musician Alfred H. Palmer of Co. C, 146th New York Infantry Regiment in Zouave uniforms in front of a painted backdrop showing tent, cannon and cannon balls] Date Created/Published: [between 1862 and 1865] Medium: 1 photograph : albumen print on card mount ; mount 101 x 60 mm (carte de visite format Teachers Students Jump to: Preparation Procedure Evaluation Teachers In this lesson students analyze a single photograph from the Library of Congress collection Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints. Using the skills developed, students then find and analyze other images. Conclusions reached will allow students develop links between the Civil War and American industrialization

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Join Dan and me the last days of our camping, kayaking, treasure hunting and relic finding adventure. We got caught in a wicked thunder and lightening storm. SKU: cannon balls pile - 1 Category: American Civil War Tags: accessories, acw, Artillery, cannon, cannon ball, CannonSmall, civil war, guns Description Intended for Rodman 15 inch, please let us know if you want to adjust size for other mode Civil War cannonball believed to have been shot by Union soldiers is found inside a diseased 100-foot tree after it's cut down in Missouri. A civil war-era canon ball was found inside a diseased.

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Old Cannon Balls New miniature cannon ball stacked Old Civil War Bullets Civil War Soldiers - Set of Hand Painted Pewter 5 Soldiers, cannon, one of soldiers is carrying flag -(This is T-Shirts in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large in navy with 1st Confederate Flag on front with Washington, Kentucky underneath Civil War cannon . Popular SVG Size 0.04 MB. Date: 17/01/2018 attack axe background battle battlefield beard black blade bomb bombing boom brazil bullet calling cannon cannon ball cannon balls cannonball canon card cartoon civil civil war classic clip art clip-art clipart club colour combat Confederate corps crime cruiser curved death. A pile of Civil War-era cannonballs was uncovered by Hurricane Matthew this month after the storm lashed South Carolina. But rather than preserve the artifacts, authorities destroyed most of the.

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