Xbox 360 disc tray stuck partially open

Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Not Reading Discs Xbox 360 On eBay If you pushed the internal gear correctly the disc tray should open slightly, and you can pull it out fully with your hands. With the tray now open, make sure the disc inside isn't sticky and..

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First, you need to use a paper clip or similar pointy thin thing to open the disc tray. DO NOT try to rip it open with your bare hands. Of course this will wreck your drive, dummy! There is a small hole just under the tray to stick the clip in. Feel around with it until you hit a gear, then push in to turn the gear In this video i show you guys 4 different ways to open your Xbox 360's disc tray if it is jammed and will not open on its own, like it should.I know this vid..

This is the easiest way to fix a stuck Xbox 360 disc tray. No disassembly, no removing parts. All you need is a qtip and rubbing alcoho This is a quick video to show everyone how simple the process is to open your X Box 360 Tray when the eject button just won't do it. I hope this helps anyon.. If the disc drive is still stuck closed, insert the paper clip into the adjacent hole (to the right) and push again. If you're successful, the disc tray will pop out slightly. Plug the power cord into the back of the console. Press the eject button to open and close the disc drive

To open your tray, look under the front of it. There is a small wheel that you can use the finger of the xbox tool to rotate by pulling from right to left. (In other words, rotate clockwise as seen from above.) This will lower the laser assembly and allow you to slide the tray So what you'll want to do is first, open the tray and put a disc in. Then close the tray and start gently knocking on the xbox right above where the disc is inside the xbox. Now keep repeating this until it works. It could take a while, but it could not This is a rough version of how to fix your stuck tray in the xbox 360 slim. This is a rough version of how to fix your stuck tray in the xbox 360 slim

Press and hold the power button at the front of the Xbox 360 console until it shuts down completely. Turn the Xbox on by clicking on the open disc tray and physically make the disc tray go back in with not too much force to knock the tray of its tracks but with enough force to close it manually If there's a disc in the tray, remove it. Press the console's eject button. If the disc tray closes, push the eject button again to open the tray and insert a disc. Now try opening and closing the tray with a disc in the tray

A detailed tutorial video on How to open the Xbox 360 Slim CD / DVD / Disk Drive tray without damaging your console and to fix the stuck tray.Make sure you c.. Using a flashlight, place the end of the paper clip in the teeth on the right side of the gears and push. The tray should slide open a little, and from there you can open and close the tray with your hand. PS Be advised the latest microsoft xbox 360 Dec. update is causing problems with alot of xbox 360's, we are seeing 6 out of 10 consoles getting disc read errors. ie: unrecognizable disc. and open tray errors. Thanks M My xbox 360 randomly opens and closes the disc tray repeatedly. Sometimes this happens when the system is on, sometimes this happens when the system is off. The disc tray will just open, and then close. And then it repeats There is a little hole to the right of the disc tray on the front of the Xbox. If you insert a thin but stiff wire (as he suggested a paper-clip is suitable) and push it unlocks the tray drawer so..

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You need to open up your disk drive and spin the little white wheel looking thing until it goes back in. You might also have to do other things to get it timed right. Ha1rycow - 11 years ago 2 Put the game in your tray. Press close but hold it open. Then slowly push in th etray whilst holding in upwards (Pushing it up towards the roof) and then when it is closed still hold it up. It should say reading Your Xbox 360 disc tray may get stuck in the open position from time to time. Here are some steps to try if it's stuck open and the eject button won't close it. 1. If the eject button works and it tries to close, but opens again once it gets close to the faceplate, check to make sure your faceplate is pushed all the way in. Push the.

1) Open the tray and push it closed with your finger. 2) Close the try without the disc. 3) Once it says Open Tray after step 2, place the disc In the tray. As soon as it says, Reading, Beat above the tray as hard as you can The Xbox 360 / 360 S disc tray be blocked by the faceplate, the gears that open the disc tray could be temporarily stuck and need a little nudge before the disc tray can resume operating normally or just need to be moved to the horizontal instead of vertical position This video is for XBox owners who are experience the open tray problem. This is when you insert the disc, a few seconds later, it'll ask you to open tray again, and then it won't even acknowledge that there's a disc in the tray. Assuming you know how to open up your XBox, you'll be able to see the parts of the disc drive. It consists of two parts, the part where the disc spins on, and the.

I have a fat 360 elite and the disc tray keeps getting stuck. Hitting the console hard will pop it open. I have a fat 360 elite and the disc tray keeps getting stuck. Hitting the console hard will pop it open. I have to do this, too. YouTube stuck Xbox 360 disc drive and you might find some helpful videos. 4. Share. Report Save. level. If the disc drive is still stuck closed, insert the paper clip into the adjacent hole (to the right) and push again. If you're successful, the disc tray will pop out slightly. Plug the power cord into the back of the console. Press the eject button to open and close the disc drive. If the disc drive works properly, reattach the console faceplate Some Xbox One consoles may encounter a stuck disc issue due a software glitch or a hardware malfunction. Normally, a good working Xbox One should allow you to eject a disc either by selecting a. Sometimes when I shut down the Xbox console without a disc in the tray, it will get temporarily get stuck and I have to press the open button for like 5 minutes straight

I have the launch Xbox 360 (White) with the white disc tray and it wont open for anything and i tried sticking a clip in the hole and it wont manually eject the tray either does anyone have any solutions i really dont wanna buy another xbox right no

My xbox 360 slim disk tray is stuck open .__. so my disc tray is stuck open, it won't close. my mum tried to place a dvd in there and didn't know that you could press the eject button to close it..so she tried to force it in which eventually made it get stuck open. like wtf i want to play my black ops 2. so any help and no i am not going to. Xbox 360 Disc Tray Stuck Open? My Xbox lit up with 2 red lights notifying me that it had over heated. At the same time the disc tray opened and it will not close unless I push it closed and even then it will not open. The power button flashes as though it is opening or closing but that's all it will do. to open a disk tray there is a little.

How to Open a Stuck or Sticky Xbox 360 Disc Tra

2.Turn the xbox so it is flat on the ground ( disk tray above plugs), and make sure you can see inside the 360 from the space you made from taking the metal part off. 3.look hard,in the space you. As for the disk tray being stuck you can try cleaning the edges of the disk tray when its open as well as the edges of the xbox around where the disk tray is while its open with a dry cloth. (I did it with a slighty damp one but I have a second Xbox 360 so I wasn't to worried about being gentle xbox 360 disc tray stuck. I can open it with a card but it's awkward and I just want to press the button and it opens like it's meant to.. any tips to fix it properly? 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up With my first Xbox, I ended up needing to use a paper clip in order to open my 360. That's what really pissed me off. If it's just a simple smack on the top of the 360 though, I'll do it

The reason behind XBox 360 error is that the laser isn't seated properly and can get stuck on the rail, XBox tray could be dirty, jammed, broken or disc could be scratched beyond repair. Here are some fixes, you can apply to solve your problem. How to Fix Problem Open Tray Error in XBox 360 Solution #1 Well one problem may be that the xbox was on it's side when I tried to open the tray. The tray failed to open because quite carelessly I let an object sit in front of the disc tray. At this point i'm already nervous because my Saints Row 3 game got the circular scratch on it recently. Anyway, I lifted the xbox back to it's vertical position and opened the tray

xbox button, choose game icon (ie, play X game) press Y. while on dashboard, select the game panel, then press X (i think its x, it should show which button is it at the bottom left corner) I think.. Hey, i just found my old xbox 360 and turned it on and it worked. When i tried to open the disc tray it opened fine and i got my old game but when i went to put it back in the xbox opened the disc tray again and just kept opening it when i shut it.then i tried a different game and it is stuck now i have tried Prying it out but nothing is working

You can use methods such as adding weight to the top of the xbox (works for some not all), repeatedly trying to get it open by spamming the tray button (not preferred), or turning it side ways. You can always send it in, or buy a new xbox. (Xbox prices now adays start at only 100). Again, im sorry to hear about your xbox Xbox 360 ; Broken disc tray button it by using the controller on the dashboard but the button on the actual xbox seems to be stuck somehow. least open the disc tray and have a look for the. Hi! I've had my Xbox 360 Elite console since 2007 and not had any problems until a few months ago when my disc tray started getting stuck when I try to open it. I'm still experiencing the problem now, and after trying the guides in the support section of the website, the problem persists

ok my xbox is giving me problems when i try to open the tray. its always getting stuck when i don't play it for awhile and i need someone who can help me when my xbox 360 tray wont open. please someone help me While my disc tray was open, I tried to walk by and get a game. I bumped into my tray, and its stuck. My xbox sits horizontally. I tried a couple things, wiggled it, and it just doesn't want to budge. It looks like the tray is off track. I know i can send it back to Microsoft because I got it for Christmas and I know the warranty isn't up. I'm a little scared to send it because the tray might. Each are crap & each issues & to me the 360 is easily the worst console ever made. From RROD to Open/Tray, to Loud & Noisy Fan to the Tray getting stuck & not ejecting. The PS3 is just as bad which it freezes during gameplay, Or Loud Noises to various other deals both the PS3 & 360 generation has had the worst consoles issues How To Fix Your Xbox 360 Disk Drive: Open Tray, Stuck Tray :: Login/Create an Account:: 0 comments If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account . Related Tutorial If your disc drive tray is stuck and will not open or close, then you have to manually eject the disc. Follow these instructions to remove the faceplate and manually eject the drive. Remove any obstructions, and plug the console back in. If the eject button still doesn't work, your disc drive may need to be replaced.

How to Fix a Stuck Xbox 360 (or PC) Disc Tray : 7 Steps

the disc tray on my xbox 360 is stuck what do i do to get it open? and iv already tried the hotline so dont tell me to call i The Lucky Dog 5 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 / Slim and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray, works, it opens and closes my drive tray but with some hesitation. I feel they should be a tad smaller. My original band was stretched out and the new band was a bit smaller

Open Stuck Xbox 360 Disc Tray 4 ways!!! - YouTub

To open it I have to push in and to the right on the front of the tray at the right hand side - this seems to unhook it from whatever it's getting stuck on. Interestingly it only does this when the tray is empty, never when there's a disk inside.-- edit. Edited by Mashum at 09:21:36 10-07-200 Xbox 360 Slim Disc Tray stuck half open? This morning I opened my Xbox to retrieve a DVD. And when I went to close it it only closed halfway. And now it won't budge either way. If anybody has any ideas that doesn't involve buying a new one, sending it to Microsoft, or taking it to GameStop I would love to hear them. Thanks Disc tray doesn't open? just makes a noise? I'll show you how to fix that! AND YOU DON'T NEED TO OPEN UP THE CONSOLE! How to fix an Xbox 360 with a stuck disc tray. Video Game Repair Published December 27, 2020 37 Views. Subscribe 127 Share. 16 rumbles. Embed Share. Rumble — Disc tray doesn't open? just makes a noise? I'll show you how to. Help!!! My Xboxs disc tray wont open!!!! - posted in Xbox: All of a sudden my XBOX's disc tray won't eject. Everything else seems fine... the game in there boots up normally. The light behaves the same way it always does. If I press the eject button I get the Xbox dashboard, but once it reads the disc it boots up the game again. I checked the Microsoft support page... they talk about the. 360 Slim disc tray won't open I've taken my 360 apart got the disc drive apart and I'm down to the barebones of it and the tray is just stuck in place and won't slide out I've got it out one time and it wont come back ou

How to fix Xbox 360 stuck disc tray, EASIEST WAY EVER

perhaps there could desire to be some merchandise blocking off the disccontinual. i might say to ring up Microsoft approximately your venture or attempt interpreting contained in the direction of the Troubleshooting part of your Xbox 360 instruction manual, and spot if that venture is addressed in there. perhaps you moved the console whilst there became some merchandise interior the disc tray. I had a problem like that on my original first gen unit. I would hit eject and it would pop out a fraction of an inch and then retreat. At first it was just once in a while and might only require the occasional fiddling with the console but I quickly learned that with it in a horizontal position and exhibiting said behavior, the best remedy was a quick sharp closed fist bump to the top of the. How to get a stuck cd out of an xbox 360 As our Xbox 360s continue to age, the parts they contain feel the wear and tear of time and sometimes start to work poorly. While sliding disc trays didn't make the leap to the next generation of consoles and weren't even on Wii or PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 firmly clung to aging technology 5 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 / Slim and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray. 4.7 out of 5 stars 183. $5.99 $ 5. 99. Microsoft Xbox 360 Disc Drive Replacement Laser Lens/Xbox 360 DVD Laser (HOP-141X 14XX 141B) Liteon DG-16D2S/ BenQ VAD6038 + Nextec T10 Screwdriver Right, my 360 was working fine. I was watching a DVD and went to change to watch a different DVD. I opened the disc tray, put new DVD in, closed the disc tray then...tray opens again

X Box 360 Disc Tray Won't Open / Eject / Stuck - SOLVED

  1. On my XBOX 360 the disc tray won't open, it says opening when I press the eject button but nothing hapens, if I press it again it says closing but it wasn't open, there is a game in it (xbox live arcade) and it says please insert disc. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thanks a lot, John
  2. My Xbox 360 S disk tray is stuck open? I had to force it open because I don't have the power cord and I didn't know I could open it manually. It was open a little less then a quarter of the way. I started messing with it because I really wanted to get my disk out. And now it's stuck where only the bumper is sticking out
  3. I'm not sure what's in the original Xbox's drive, but some older optical disc tray mechanisms used rubber belt loops which deteriorated over time and can cause the tray to get stuck and not open. If that's what your problem is, then finding a replacement rubber belt that's an exact match may be difficult
  4. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Microsoft Xbox 360 Black Console 120G Disc Tray Is Stuck For Parts Repair at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  5. In this tutorial, we learn how to open an Xbox 360 tray with a paperclip. If you cannot open up your Xbox and need a tool to open it, use a paperclip! First, take the paperclip and open it up so it's long and straight. Then, take the cover off of the Xbox. After this, use the paperclip to poke inside the Xbox near where the CD entry is
  6. Taking apart the Xbox One or Xbox One S is not for the feint at heart and should only ever be attempted in an absolute last gasp, worst case scenario. In the case of a stuck disc, this should get.

SOLVED: Disc tray is stuck open and will not close at all

  1. Get the best deals on xbox 360 disc tray when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on New Listing Microsoft Xbox 360 white HDMI Console only works great but disk tray stuck as is. $29.99. Color: White. FAST 'N FREE Xbox 360 120 GB HD. Disc Tray Will Not Open, But Will Play Downloaded Games. $19.99. Brand.
  2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Disc Drive Replacement/Xbox 360 DVD Drive Phillips Liteon (DG-16D2S: A0A1/A0A2) with Laser (HOP-141X) + Nextec T10 Screwdriver. 5 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 / Slim and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray. 4.6 out of 5 stars 171. $5.99 $ 5. 99. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Apr 9
  3. Free Shipping on eBa
  4. Lots of people have said they have run in to problems with their Xbox 360 tray being stuck closed. Some have reported it not closing all the way, or being stuck open. Regardless of your problems, Microsoft has put together a handy troubleshooting guide! The guide covers multiple models of Xbox 360 and lots of disc drive problems, including.
  5. How to open a stuck xbox 360 disc tray Top Voted Answer Answers Answer this Question You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to ask and answer questions. As our Xbox 360s continue to age the parts in them feel the wear of time and sometimes start to malfunction
  6. xbox 360 disk tray stuck open i tried all kinds of things i only get it unstuck btw its not the slim the laser is not turning on and disk is not spinning don't hate because it's a console Last edited by vigorosomoon48; Jun 28,.

Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive - iFixit Repair Guid

  1. g that their disc drive is stuck. Now this can be a problem if you're selling your xbox game or just want to play a different game. Note that some xbox 360 trays work if you keep the disc in.
  2. 1. With the Xbox plugged in open the tray. 2. Pull out the power plug out so the tray stays open but the power turns off. 3. Tape a cotton bud to a Skewer. 4. Shine a torch through the open disc tray so you can see the lazer. 5. Using the coton bud on the skewer clean the lazer and any other parts that are covered with dust. 6. Plug the xbox.
  3. Think is another common and complex issue where your tray can get stuck and the disc port won't open up, no matter how hard you keep trying. You can always manually eject it. Try to give it a quick clean and remove any dust as well. In some cases you should replace its tray drive, which is a quick & affordable fix
  4. my xbox 360 disc tray is stuck and will not close or open all the way HELP.? i took my xbox apart amd disc tray i just do not know what to do from here. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. I just stuck and knife in it and wedged it until it opened It ended up staying stuck but I got a new Xbox look it up on YouTube there's lots of videos to.

Six Simple Ways to Fix the Open Tray Error for XBOX 360

Your Xbox 360 disc tray may get stuck in the closed position from time to time. Here are some steps to try if it's stuck shut and the eject button won't open it. 1. Try to remove the faceplate and hit the eject button again to see if the faceplate is blocking the tray somehow Xbox Association; My xbox disk tray is stuck!! If you have an original 360, I know that there is a hole behind the faceplate. Both models of Xbox have a failsafe where you can open the. Turn on Xbox by hitting eject button, immediately stop tray letting only open half way. Gently push the tray back. The tray will freeze momentarily and close by itself. Turn off console and turn back on Item specifics This listing is for a Xbox 360 250gb Slim Console Only. The disc tray is stuck on the console and won't open. Apart from that, it is in a working condition

Xbox 360 Slim Tray Stuck Open How to Fix DIY - YouTub

  1. g the tray
  2. You carefully tear off the clear plastic wrap on your new Xbox 360 game, pop out the disc and place it in the DVD tray. You hit the close button, sit down with great anticipation and then gasp, nothing. The game disc isn't loading, the onscreen menu just shows reading and then it stops attempting to read and shows open tray
  3. every time i want to swap discs in my xbox 360 elite the door dose not open , it sounds like its trying to open but for some reason it stays shut , the only way i can get it open is by taking of the faceplate and pulling the disc tray whilst pushing the eject button is there a way to fix this or will i have to ring microsoft
  4. utes straight. Solution #7. Open the tray and put a disc in, then close the tray and start gently knocking on the XBox right above where the disc is inside the XBox. Solution #8. Assu
  5. How to fix a disc drive on xbox one Hi guys, This will show you how to fix your stuck Xbox 360 Disc tray, feel free to comment, send any suggestions and questions.This way is the best and healthiest way to open a stuck disc tray! It's simple, when you hear the Xbox 360 disc tray trying to open simple put your credit card or any flexible car
  6. Xbox 360 ; Game stuck in dead 360. then the tray will open. It's only stuck in there if the disc drive is broken. On the xbox 360, there's a secret disc eject tray button you can access.

Fix: Xbox 360 Open Tray Error - Appuals

Get help with Xbox 360 disc drive errors Xbox Suppor

Xbox 360 disk tray problem? Yesterday my xbox got the 3 red rings after 20 minutes of gameplay. i called today the guy told me to send it to them so i will. He told me to take out any games. I then remembered that i still had my halo 3 in it. I try to turn on the xbox and it won't turn on at all. No red light no green light. EVERYTHING is plugged in. the system won't turn on at all anymore and. Replacement Lite-On DG-16D5S DVD ROM Disc Disk Drive for Xbox 360 XBOX360 Slim. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. $32.00 $ 32. 00. FREE Shipping. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. 5 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 / Slim and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray. 4.7 out of 5 stars 183. $5.99 $ 5. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, May 3 It's not 360 (I know it's old but I love it) This has happened before but I fixed it using the small hole at the side and using a broken paper clip to push the mechanism manually and I usually put a disc inside and it worked beautifully One day when I was changing the discs, the disc tray closed and I couldn't open it. I used the paper clip method but I, for some reason, couldn't find the.

How to repair & open the Xbox 360 Slim disk drive tray

Xbox 360 White Original Console With Hard Drive HDD & Cables DISC TRAY STUCK. C $62.43. Seller 100% positive. Microsoft Xbox 360 Black Console 120G Disc Tray Is Stuck For Parts Repair. C $56.23 + shipping. Seller 99.2% positive. The only thing I have found wrong so far is that the disc drawer has to be tapped/ smacked to get it to open. Xbox 360 Broken and not working. The console doesn't work and the controller is broken. It looks like it was dropped and the case is cracked and the disc tray doesn't open. It is broken and not working hey guys so im new and i thought it would be appropriate to start my first topic on TTG with a tutorial. Ill be showing you how to open a Xbox 360 Slim DVD drive when it is stuck/broke and will not come out. So heres the tutorial: Step 1 I get this asked all the time. my disk tray is stuck and its really simple fix . If you have a the patience to do this. Works if Dvd Drive is jammed or if starts to open and stops. 1. Power off the Console 2. Unplug Power cord and Av/Cables or Hdmi Cables 3. Take the Face Plate off the front of the console 4

How to Force Eject a Disc Stuck in Your Xbox 360: 5 Step

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