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[the Simpsons are being placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program] Homer bursts into the room again wearing a white hockey mask and holding a switched on electric chainsaw, which he holds up] [turning off the chainsaw and lifting the hockey mask] Oh, sorry. What am I thinking?. The perfect TheSimpsons HockeyMask Chainsaw Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Products. The Simpsons. hockey Mask. chainsaw. Homer. Homer Simpson. Bart. Bart Simpson. fright The Simpson family are relocated to a houseboat, but Bob follows them. One night on the houseboat, when Bart is lying in bed, terrified, Homer bursts into his room wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw. He yells, Bart, you wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask!? and Bart screams with terror

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  1. [Homer puts the knife down, kisses Bart gently on the forehead, and walks out of the room. Bart turns over to go to sleep and Homer busts back in.] Homer: BART YOU WANNA SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK?! [stands over Bart revving the chainsaw
  2. One of the most famous stereotypes of comedic chainsaw portrayal is that of the chainsaw-wielding lunatic in a hockey mask (seen for example in the Simpsons episode Cape Feare )
  3. g, BART-DO-YOU-WANT TO-SEE-MY-NEW-CHAINSAW-AND-HOCKEY-MASK? Bart screams and Homer realizes he doesn't know what he was thinking and leaves
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  6. Irresponsible Captain Tylor has a marine named Jason who wears a hockey mask and uses a chainsaw as his Weapon of Choice. He also tends to be blamed whenever something breaks and there's a Running Gag regarding him always being sick on Fridays

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The Simpsons Masks, Funny Cartoon Mask, Interesting Design Masks, Gift Masks, Filter Masks, Custom Wired Soft Cloth Masks T2511E CocooPai. 4.5 out of 5 stars (15) Sale Price $11.17 $ 11.17 $ 13.15 Original Price $13.15 (15% off) Favorite Add to The Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy Show Cartoon TV Gift Face Mask Covering Washable Filter Pocket. A common reference of a Slasher Movie serial killer: a big guy wielding a chainsaw and wearing a hockey mask. Enormously common in parodies and tributes of the genre. This is something of a Dead Unicorn Trope, since it isn't actually based on any single slasher movie character After the passionate act, Homer takes a shower and while in the bathroom, he prepares to complete his night. He kicks open the bathroom door and surprises his guest with a chainsaw and hockey mask That episode of The Simpsons? What's the name of that Simpsons episode where Homer runs into barts room with a hockey mask and chainsaw and screams HEY BART YOU WANNA SEE MY NEW HOCKEY MASK AND..

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Bart! You wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask? 1,048 likes. Homer Simpson at Terror Lake showing off his new chainsaw and hockey mask!! HS - Chainsaw and Hockey mask. By Mortensen Watch. 46 Favourites 25 Comments 7K Views. This is from my all time favourite joke from The Simpsons. Sideshow Bob has broken out of jail and is trying to kill Bart. The family then decides that it is best if they go underground for a while, and so they find this boathouse which they stay in..

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From Bob's endless rake-stepping nightmare to Homer terrifying Bart by showing him his new chainsaw and hockey mask in the middle of the night, Cape Feare is filled with classic moments. 3 Bart Gets Famous (Season 5, Episode 12 Poor Sideshow Bob, forever the slapsticking clown, no matter how hard he tries not to be. Just as classic as the rake sequence is Homer charging into the very frightened Bart's room with scary.. One of the most famous stereotypes of comedic chainsaw portrayal is that of the chainsaw-wielding lunatic in a hockey mask (seen for example in the Simpsons episode Cape Feare). Ironically, horror cinema's archetypal hockey-mask killer Jason Voorhees has never actually been portrayed wielding a chainsaw in a film, though chainsaws have been.


  1. Other highlights include Bob staying at the Bates Motel, everything Cape Fear related, and Homer trying to give a shaken Bart a brownie before bed with a butcher knife followed by his chainsaw and hockey mask
  2. But again, it's just Homer, asking Bart if he wants to see his new chainsaw and hockey mask. The lights go out, one by one, on the Thompson's houseboat. A single hand appears from the water, grasping at the railing on the boat, as Sideshow Bob pulls himself aboard, only to step on another rake that someone has left carelessly lying about
  3. g from the bushes, before they are attacked by an unseen monsters. Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma is a sound effect used in.
  4. While Lisa sleeps, Homer enters her bedroom with a chainsaw and hockey mask and attacks her. The problem is solved. Homer begins prepping for the barbecue deep into the night with the special ingrediant. The next day, the guests come and eat
  5. Jason's infamous hockey mask serves as one half of the Hockey Mask and Chainsaw trope; Jason never actually uses a chainsaw in any of the films, which include: Advertisement: Friday the 13th (1980) — A mystery killer stalks and murders counselors at Camp Crystal Lake as they attempt to prepare the camp to be reopened
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The Simpsons is an American staple- it's as closely associated with the American identity as red, white, and blue, Uncle Sam, and Jersey Shore. DO YOU WANNA SEE MY NEW HOCKEY MASK AND CHAINSAW dressed like fat Jason Vorhees. Related article:. Mar 25, 2021 - Explore Devon White's board The Simpsons, followed by 794 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about the simpsons, simpson, the simpson From there he walks around adorned in his Jacques Plante-style, face-hugging fiberglass hockey mask, that faded from use in the NHL in the 1980s - without the chainsaw or machete he used in the films at the fictional Camp Crystal Lake, nonchalantly scaring pedestrians No one who speaks German could be an evil man. Bake him away, toys. Wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask?! It was my first exposure to H.M.S. Pinafore. It taught me no. Hockey Mask and Chainsaw: Lisa encounters three performers armed with chainsaws in Krustyland. One accurately has a human skin mask , but the other two have hockey masks

Marge Drops Maggie Off at Pre-School | Season 31 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS. The Simpsons. 427K views · March 22. 0:11. Marge Surprises Homer | Season 31 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS. The Simpsons. 183K views Homer's New Chainsaw & Hockey Mask | Season 5 Ep. 2 | THE SIMPSONS. The Simpsons. 308K views · March 13. 0:11. Preview: Homer Gets Help. For a television show that needs no introductions, the fifty funniest Simpsons GIFs you will ever see: Homer Wants To Show Bart His New Chain Saw And Hockey Mask Ralph's Classic Pick Up Line Homer Gets The World's Largest Sunda The Simpsons before it went shit. 1.1K likes. The Simpsons used to be so good. Clever. Witty. Satirical. It's disappointing how terrible it is now. Surely, you notice the (huge) decline in the..

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Currently this is my second favorite season of The Simpsons. I really enjoyed most of the fantastic ones here. And do you wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask Bart you wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey Mask? Out of 5 I would score Cape Feare a perfect 5! This entry was posted in Cinema & Television and tagged Bart , Bart Simpson , Bob , Cape Feare , Entertainment , Homer , Kelsey Grammer , Review , Sideshow Bob , Television , The Simpsons on February 27, 2013 by larter1991 Appearance: A red hockey mask resembling the one worn in the TurboGrafx-16 version of Splatterhouse. Unknown Tribal Mask/Skin [edit | edit source] Description: These two images are in the game's files, but the skin doesn't seem to be unlockable. Files were simply called mask.dds and preview.dds, respectively What makes this so noteworthy is the fact that it is one of the numerous times pop culture makes reference to Jason by pairing a hockey mask with a chainsaw - despite that fact that (as of this writing) Jason Voorhees has never used a chainsaw

Season 5, Episode 2. Sideshow Bob is the Wile E. Coyote of The Simpsons, always failing to kill Bart. This is his greatest outing, complete with the songs of Gilbert and Sullivan, a Die. Belson's Sleepover1 is the twenty-second episode of Season 1 of Clarence. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Main Characters 3.2 Supporting Characters 3.3 Minor Characters 4 Trivia 4.1 Character Connection 4.2 Cultural References 5 Errors 6 Clips 7 References Belson invites the gang to a sleepover, and whoever can survive a night of pranks and scares will win Belson's game system: the Acedia.

See more of Simpsons one-liners on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 30 people like this. 32 people follow this. About See All. Contact Simpsons one-liners on Messenger. New Chainsaw and Hockey Mask. 4. 4. Some Guy named Gabbo. 5. We Want Chili Wili. 1 He wasn't even the main killer in the first Friday the 13th movie, and he didn't start wearing his iconic hockey mask until the third film, so we've seen the character go through some dramatic. Suddenly, a freaky man wearing a hockey mask, raincoat and track pants burst in the front door with a chainsaw in one hand and a butcher knife in the other. He was screaming strange words the kids had never heard before. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! screamed the kids. Then, he threw the butcher knife at the ground and lifted up his mask. It was Homer

The Simpsons: 10 Best Sideshow Bob Episodes. 1. Cape Feare to the Homer classic: BART DO YOU WANNA SEE MY CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK! And, of course, the introduction of Bob's other arch-enemy. Cape Feare Chief Wiggum: Sideshow Bob has no decency. He called me Chief Piggum! (The jury proceeds to laugh mockingly at the joke) Wiggum: Ah ho, now I get it! chuckles That's good. Selma: Sideshow Bob tried to kill me on our honeymoon. (The jury murmurs opinion to one another) Blue-Haired.. Simpsons fans are very passionate about this Conan O'Brien the letters, the Thompsons, Hannibal crossing the alps, the chainsaw and hockey mask, the cactus patch, Grandpas pills and the wolves. Eminem is seen wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw Meet Bob Shaye (2004) (Video) The Simpsons: Halloween of Horror (2015) (TV Episode) characters watch the film Garden Tool Massacre, which features a man in a hockey mask SOS (1988

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The Simpsons sucks now, of course, but used to be funny as hell. Here's a reminder, as if you needed that. Honorable mentions go to everything from seasons 2 through 9 that didn't already show up. This is just the best of the best of the best of the best of the best. Maybe a little weighted toward seasons four and five, but I'm sure no one will mind that It doesn't take long before Homer comes back, this time he's donning a hockey mask and asks, do you want to see my new chainsaw and hockey mask? After the family turns off the lights Bob comes. Just goes to show just how well The Simpsons were written and how well the early years' episodes have aged. 11 Jake. Another honourable mention is the Cape Feare HEY BART WANNA SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK? Yeah, it was for comedy, but I remember it freaking me out when I was younger Cape Feare is the second episode of Season 5 of The Simpsons and the eighty-third episode overall. It originally aired on October 7, 1993. The episode was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore. It guest stars Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob

Details for chainsaw. Suggested shortcut: ;chainsaw Tags: violence, violent, chainsaw, horror, scary, hockey mask, jason, friday the 13th Filename: chainsaw-smiley. Chainsaw Clark stands 8 tall and has fabric clothing. The figure features the authorized likeness of Chevy Chase and includes plenty of accessories for complete holiday cheer: Marty Moose mug, removable hockey mask and chainsaw. Comes in collector-friendly window box packaging You wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask? TV Show. Save Apu from the Simpsons. Movie Character. Que wea dijo Kast ahora. Politician. The Lawn Care Nut - Allyn Hane. Home & Garden Website. Aussie 4x4 Pro. E-commerce Website. Pukahontas. A film by Barney Gumble. Movie. Macquarie Anglican Grammar School May 15, 2014 - Eye On Springfield is a retrospective of Simpsons hilarity spanning from seasons 1 to 9, when it was... More information BART HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK?!? In The Simpsons Movie, the ambulance is shown to be still there. Bart the General: the episode chronicles Bart's first run-ins with school bully Nelson Muntz Homer with the Chainsaw and hockey mask, as a jarring example of salab-stabbing. Bob in this episode was acting like a Knight of Cerebus: deliberate, calculating, and predatory. Until.

A parody of him, known only as the Hockey Mask Wearing Freak, appears in Eddsworld episode Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 where he acts similar to Jason. An inspiration of him and Leatherface appeared in the animated series Dan Vs. as an unnamed character called the Hockey-Masked Maniac, only on the episode called Dan Vs Seconds later, Homer bursts into the room again wearing a white hockey mask and holding a switched on electric chainsaw, which he holds up] BARTYOUWANTTOSEEMYNEWCHAINSAWANDHOCKEYMASK Bart and Maggie Return from The Dead, In a Hockey Mask, To get rid of their Greatest Enemies, in THE SPRINGFIELD CHAINSAW MASSACRE, Homer finds Himself Repeating the Same Day, in WARTHOG DAY, And A Mysterious Killer is on the loose in Springfield in, SCRAM! ===== ===== Intr

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Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, goes all out in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as Jason from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, wearing a hockey mask and revving up his chainsaw. The chainsaw's purpose is to cut up a tree, from a funny scene from the Christmas Vacation movie Cape Feare goes beyond simple movie parody and really creates its own entity here. This episode is chalk full of memorable lines (Use a pen Sideshow Bob), gags (Bart, wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask!), and sketches (Now remember, YOU are Homer Thompson). And of course the rakes. Ohhhhhh, the rakes. 1. Marge vs the Monorai Hindenburg Incendiary Principle ( Lisa the Beauty Queen ) Hockey Mask and Chainsaw ( Cape Feare

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Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) A happy accident in which the film's 3D supervisor brought up a hockey mask as a solution for Jason's look in 3D gave us one of the most iconic looks in cinema history. The moment he puts on the mask, you start to wonder why he wasn't wearing it all the time, it's just that good a fit.. The Simpsons is one of those shows that can be Hit and Miss these days, But the shows season 1-6 were still some of the best TV during the nineties. Cape Feare is a prime example of the show at its prime. In this episode Sideshow Bob, (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer) is seen sending Bar Mooks in masks are in a special subcategory, but are still Mooks underneath. A Super-Trope to Coat, Hat, Mask (combining this with a hat and Badass Longcoat), Malevolent Masked Men, Hockey Mask and Chainsaw (horror Shout-Out combining Chainsaw Good), Mask of Power. A Sister Trope to, and often paired with, Nice Hat Freckle Scary Adult Mask - Unique Creepy Halloween Mask Design - Realistic Face Costumes- Scariest Masks Ever For A Fun Halloween -Adults Horror Costume Pure Evil - Killer Clown(Skeezy the Clown Mask) 4.4 out of 5 stars 37. $23.99 $ 23. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Hello, Bart. ―Robert Terwilliger. Dr. Robert Underdunk Bob Terwilliger, Jr., more commonly recognized by his stage name, Sideshow Bob, is the secondary antagonist of The Simpsons.He was originally Krusty the Clown's sidekick, before starting a life of crime that began with an attempt to frame Krusty for armed robbery. Bob is a self-proclaimed genius, member of the Republican.

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Cape Feare - The Simpsons [S05E02] Cape Feare - The Simpsons [S05E02] TV-14 Animation Comedy . [ Loudly ] Bart, do you want to see my new chainsaw and hockey mask? Copy the URL for easy sharing. Like: Comment: Related: Share #7 Cape Feare - The Simpsons [S05E02] Released: 1993-10-07, Rated: TV-14. Sideshow Bob's 'Die Bart, Die' tattoo, Homer racing into Bart's room to show off his new chainsaw and hockey mask...I could go on forever. But what scares me the most about this episode is how intent Sideshow Bob is on finding Bart in the first place. Here's a man who literally wants to murder a ten year-old boy

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Here at I Love Halloween, we're all big fans of The Simpsons, television's longest running animated comedy, and there are no better episodes than the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes! Like us, you probably spent plenty of hours watching reruns of the show, so we've cooked up a little challenge for you. Below are different images from each episode and we bet you can't remember the quote. by Philip K. Dick (book) (a.k.a. Blade Runner) {jc} - evacuating humanity from Earth to Mars in the wake of nuclear holocaust E-I-E-I-(ANNOYED GRUNT) + Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace + My Dinner with Andre - My Dinner With Jar Jar is a two-fer reference - [{bjr}: Jar Jar was the love-him-or-hate-him character from 'Star Wars,' in. (Bart, ya wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask!?!), my go-to Simpson's quote is actually not one of the show's many inspired comic punchlines. It's from the episode, Lisa's.

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The Simpsons 9F22 - Cape Feare Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts The Simpsons Cape Feare (TV Episode 1993) Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Exercise Video Girl, Girl

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Answer these questions about the iconic episode #83 of The Simpsons (the first episode in which Sideshow Bob tries to kill Bart). Chainsaw and hockey mask. Bart stalls Bob by asking him to sing the entire score of what? H.M.S. Pinafore. Chief Wiggum bristles when Bart tells the police to Take him away, boys. After reasserting his. Friday the 13th at 40: the maligned slasher that's haunted pop culture The morality brigade loathed the hit teen horror on release but hockey mask-wearing villain Jason Voorhees has been with us.. The Halloween issue had a story called Sideshow Blob, where Bart is wearing a hockey mask as a Halloween costume. In the Simpsons comic Treehouse of Horror Fun-filled Frightfest, Bart goes to the Flanders house and is told by Todd 'I'm watching my favorite! Sunday the 13th: Jason Goes To Church! cadance chainsaw comic ladybugs mlp simpsons twilight hockey_mask smarty_pants. Simpsons edit of the previous pic, since that's mainly where the idea came from. Again, rated mature for the chainsaw, just in case. If you enjoy my work, help support me with a commission. Commission info here: fav.me/d6n95dq. Image details Bart do you want to see my chainsaw and hockey mask Quick edit: let's add that Mr. T scene in there as well . Andrew J. Member. Groening considers the joke in which the family forms a conga line to be one of the high-points in the history of The Simpsons. You don't make friends with salad! You don't make friends with salad! OP . OP

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more The long-running animated series The Simpsons has referenced Sideshow Bob shows off his hockey mask and chainsaw attire in Cape Feare, and of course there are references in the episode. Wallace's creation went on to become Michael's best trademark. Freddy Kreuger has his glove, Leatherface has his chainsaw, Jason Voorhees has his hockey mask, and Michael Myers has the infamous white mask. Next: Halloween Theory: Laurie Dies So There Can Be A New Strode Her Treehouse of Horror XXV Treehouse of Horror XXV 1 Cultural References 1.1 Introduction 1.2 School is Hell 1.3 A Clockwork Yellow 1.4 The Others 2 Trivia 3 Goofs In the introduction of the episode, it shows clips from previous Treehouse of Horror shows (seasons 2-25): The Raven from Treehouse of Horror, October 25, 1990. If Only I Had a Brain from Treehouse of Horror II, October 31, 1991. Eye On Springfield is a retrospective of Simpsons hilarity spanning from seasons 1 to 9, when it was... Saved by Banana Nicole Smith. 20. Simpsons Characters Disney Characters Fictional Characters Bobs Burgers Futurama Bart Simpson Pop Culture Seasons Chainsaw. More information... More like thi

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