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  3. Get an ORCA card FREE through February 2021 Dec 14, 2020 At Community Transit, we recommend using an ORCA card as the easiest way to pay your bus fare. That's never been more important, as an ORCA card provides a fast and contact-free payment option when health and safety matters most
  4. Free ORCA through February Yesterday Metro announced that they are waiving the $5 ORCA fee through February 28th, 2021. The stated reason is to encourage contactless payment during the pandemic. To avoid hoarding, adults are limited to three cards and youth to one
  5. Both ORCA RRFP and ORCA LIFT users can use their card's E-purse to load value on the card for one trip at a time or add a pass for unlimited rides for a whole month. While the first RRFP and ORCA LIFT cards are free under the changes that went into effect yesterday, replacing a lost or stolen card will cost the user $3
  6. October 17, 2020 at 7:55 am (Nick Bowman, MyNorthwest) As of this week, for the first time, certain low-income transit riders can get free ORCA cards with unlimited rides on King County Metro and.
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To activate you must tap your ORCA card. If you do not tap within 60 days, reactivate that E-purse by contacting ORCA customer service at 888-988-6722 or sending an email. *Your first ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card (Disabled, Senior), and ORCA LIFT card is issued free of charge. Replacing a lost or stolen RRFP or LIFT card costs $3 All replacement cards will be free for students during the 2020-2021 school year If you have any additional questions, please email ORCAOpportunity@seattle.gov or call/text 206-256-ORCA (6722). For more information about the ORCA Opportunity Program, please see the ORCA Opportunity FAQ Reduced fare ORCA cards are free, but replacement cards cost $3. Once you have your ORCA card, all customers can load a pass or E-purse value online, by mail, at an ORCA Customer Service Office or at a ticket vending machine. Cards last 3-5 years. ORCA Products. ORCA E-purse Best for: new or infrequent transit riders E-purse is loaded pre-paid. Pierce Transit waives youth ORCA card fees on new cards Pierce Transit is pleased to announce that individuals needing new youth ORCA cards will not have to pay the $5 card fee now through May 31, 2021. Pierce Transit is waiving the fee to encourage contactless forms of payment to reduce the spread of COVID-19

By bus, train & ferry - it's the easy way to get there. Works like cash or a pass; Tracks fares and transfers automatically; Manage your card online with a My ORCA ; Register your card - why register?; Get an ORCA card now. Add E-purse or pass products. Customer Servic ORCA Opportunity Youth Program High school and income-eligible middle school students at Seattle Public Schools receive a free, unlimited 12-month ORCA card valid through August 31, 2021 In order to be eligible for a 2020 Summer Youth ORCA Pass, you must be: An enrolled student in the Highline Public Schools, Lake Washington or Tukwila public school districts, and In 8th - 12th grade in Spring 2020, and Income-eligible for the Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Program The ORCA card is all You Have to pay your fare on Sound Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Seattle Street Automobile, Seattle Monorail, the King County Water Taxi, and Washington State Ferries.. Moving is simple with an ORCA card. When you utilize the ORCA card to move involving ORCA-family transportation services, your first-leg. The ORCA card is a safe, contact-free way to pay for your ride. You can avoid the lines at Metro's Pass Sales office by visiting the ORCA website or a retail location in your community to buy or add value to an adult ORCA card. If you live in downtown Seattle, here are retail locations near you: QFC: 417 Broadway E - Mon-Sun: 8:45 a.m. to 9.

Editor's note: ORCA Youth card fees will now be waived through 5/31/21. King County Metro is pleased to announce that individuals needing new adult or youth ORCA cards will not have to pay the $5 card fee now through February 28, 2021 The way you get around may be changing! King County Metro's Just One Trip program can help you find resources, incentive programs, and upcoming projects impacting the way you travel. Discover your travel options and learn more about how to get to the places you live or work by clicking on the name of your [ ORCA Opportunity is available to qualifying individuals. Eligible Seattle Housing Authority residents were notified of how to receive their card during Summer 2019. The cards can be used through August 31, 2021. The City is currently only distributing new cards for this program for residents at Rainier Vista, New Holly, and High Point All 7,900 Tacoma Public Schools' high school students get free ORCA cards The cards will be loaded with a Pierce Transit bus pass, which is good for unlimited local bus rides from now until the..

2020-2025 Strategic Plan Accreditation Get a Free Bus Pass and Ride Pierce Transit Routes All Quarter Long. If you opt to get the physical ORCA card, you can purchase a replacement card for $10 via the same process.. Just fill out the form linked below to request a free $25 ORCA card. Using an ORCA card makes transferring between buses and other transit services easy and ensures you pay the lowest price for. You will not be able to use your free ORCA card during the 2020-2021 school year without completing this form. * 1. First and Last Name * 3 ORCA Youth—for ages 6-18, this card is charged $1.50 per trip (children age 5 and under ride for free with an adult) ORCA Adult—standard issue for transit riders age 19-64, this card is charged a full fare, ranging from $2.25 to $5.7

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Posted on October 16, 2020 December 9, 2020 by Dan Ryan. Riders line up to pay (image: Lizz Giordano) When her brand new Free ORCA card got a high school girl threatened with a $124 Fare Evasion charge for a mis-timed tap. A consequence described absolutely nowhere in any station the whole length of Link Rev. 8/2020 By accepting your ORCA Card, you agree to adhere to The Basic Rules of Seattle Public Schools as well as Metro's Code of Conduct and Safety & Security tips If you tap your U-PASS on an ORCA card reader and you don't get a happy beep and green light, try again, making sure to tap your card on the ORCA logo at the center of the card reader and hold it there for several seconds. Also make sure you separate your Husky Card from any other cards you may have that include RFID technology (ie: UWMC badge) Best UK Deals Best Credit Cards 2020 Deals! Seasonal Special Sales Now On. Amazing Savings Right Here. Get Your Incredible Deals Now

Business ORCA Programs - Employer Programs - King... Jul 15, 2020 — It provides an unlimited-trip ORCA pass to all benefits-eligible... Learn more Comments from 2019 UPASS survey | Professional... Aug 22, 2019 — Microsoft provides free Orca cards to encourage employees to give up.. Around 7,900 Tacoma students will be offered a free ORCA card in a pilot program spanning the 2020-2021 school year. That's over twice what Tacoma Public Schools is normally able to give out Get an ORCA card FREE through February 2021. CODES (7 days ago) To encourage contact-free payment and quicker boarding, we are waiving the $5 fee for new ORCA cards through Feb. 28, 2021. With ORCA, you can just tap and go — no need to handle cash and change when paying to ride the bus I agree to pay the employee portion of $10.11 toward my PLU ORCA Card, valid August 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021. I agree to pay a $20.00 replacement card fee if I lose my assigned PLU ORCA Card. I understand and agree to the terms stated above on using the PLU ORCA Card My gf is joining Amazon. We stay on the East side in Redmond. Does Amazon provide ORCA card to its employees just like Microsoft. What are the other options for everyday commute. She does not prefer driving everyday.Her TC 150K if that matter

Feb. 12, 2020 at 4:58 pm Updated Feb. 12, 2020 at 9:35 pm King County Metro may offer free transit passes for people with very low incomes. Under a proposal from the King County Council, the. The ORCA cards will be valid from September 2018 - August 2019. On their first day of school in September, Seattle Promise scholars will also receive free ORCA cards to facilitate easy and consistent commutes to campus. The student ORCA passes will also work on the King County Water Taxi, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Transit, and.

ORCA represents over 92 per cent of all licensed retirement community suites in Ontario, with members caring for nearly 60,000 seniors who choose to call retirement communities their home. ORCA's membership also includes over 240 commercial partners who provide products and valuable services to retirement communities throughout the province Find out more about using an ORCA card to pay your transit fare when you ride King County Metro Transit buses and other transit service in the region! It mak.. Header Image العربية Español తెలుగు Tiếng Việt Pусский 中文 Take your first ride and get a free ORCA card! Get all of your Metro trips free through the end of 2020 after you take a ride with Crossroads Connect in November

Tap your card and you'll hear a beep and see a green light. Use your ORCA card on buses, trains and ferries throughout the Puget Sound 2. I will keep my PLU ORCA Card secure and in good condition, and I will immediately report a lost, stolen, or damaged PLU ORCA Card to Human Resources. I understand a lost PLU ORCA Card will be replaced only once per year at a charge of $20.00. A defective PLU ORCA Card will be replaced free of charge, contact Human Resources. 3 November 3, 2020 Editor Leave a comment. by Chetanya Robinson. A new transit measure on the ballot before voters this year could have significant impacts for communities in the South End, including new bus service connecting Seattle to south King County, free Orca cards for high school students, and traffic and pollution in the Duwamish Valley.. May 18, 2020 | Effective June 1 In addition to ticket vending machines, Recovery Fare tickets will be available on a contact-free basis through the Transit GO Ticket app. ORCA cards will continue to be charged full fare and can be used for transfers, while Recovery Fare paper tickets and Transit GO tickets cannot be used for transfers..

ORCA Card Tapping your ORCA card is the fastest and safest way to pay your fare. Visit Metro's website to learn about managing your ORCA account. Safety Policies and Guidelines Metro thanks riders for following safety policies and guidelines, including: Wearing a face covering in public places, on transit vehicles and at transit stops First of all, thank you for participating in one of our Killer Whale Tales on-line activities! F eel free to click on the individual links below to grab not only your orca cards, but some sound files that were featured in the game. These prizes are available only for a short time, so download them as soon as possible. If you want to do more Southern Resident Killer Whale activities, check out. 2020-2021 ORCA cards are now available for employees. Employees with last year's ORCA card can renew their existing card by completing the Faculty Staff CTR Participation Form and ORCA Agreement . New cards can be picked up at the Office of Safety and Security any weekday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. after submitting the required forms

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Get a free $20 ORCA card - Sign up for SKC Trips Get an ORCA card to pay your transit fare on buses, trains and ferries throughout the Puget Sound. Polluted stormwater runoff is the number one source of pollution to Puget Sound and our waterways and transportation is the top greenhouse gas emitter statewide.Toxins from our roads travel to our streams, rivers, and the ocean — impacting the. The ORCA Opportunity program, for example, will be funded at 100% of previous levels, ensuring all Seattle Public High School and income-eligible middle school students are eligible for a free, unlimited use ORCA card, as well as all Seattle Promise scholars

After school lets out this week, students can still get a free ORCA card. But instead of bringing the form to the school office, it should be brought to the Lake Washington School District. Help Students Get a Free Orca Card. More Headlines. RSS Feeds. Jun 3 2020. We partner with King County Metro and WSDOT to offer a free Youth Summer ORCA Pass to students in grades 8-12 who qualify for free school meals. The pass gives students access to three months of unlimited transit

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2. I will keep my assigned ORCA Business Card secure and in good condition, and I will immediately report a lost, stolen, or damaged ORCA Business Card to SPU's Transportation Coordinator. I understand a lost ORCA Business Card will be replaced at a charge of $20.00. A defective ORCA Business Card will be replaced free of charge. 3 Seattle's Public School Board approved ORCA cards in March of 2021 for students on yellow bus for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. ORCA cards will be provided to Seattle Public School students in middle schools, grades 6th-8th grade who are eligible for yellow bus service based on the Transportation Service Standards The card is able to be loaded with e-purse value, similar to a debit card, and monthly passes.Cards are sold and reloaded at participating grocery stores, customer service centers, and ticket vending machines at transit stations. ORCA cards offer free transfers between transit systems within a two-hour window.. In 2018, the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit. Eligible Northwest Hospital staff will be covered effective January 1, 2020. If you belong to an eligible employee group and your information is correct in Workday, you simply need to tap your Husky Card on any ORCA card reader to activate your U-PASS. If you have questions about your U-PASS eligibility, please contact UW Labor Relations

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Orcinus orca is the only recognized extant species in the genus Orcinus, and one of many animal species originally described by Carl Linnaeus in his landmark 1758 10th edition of Systema Naturae. Konrad Gessner wrote the first scientific description of a killer whale in his Piscium & aquatilium animantium natura of 1558, part of the larger Historia animalium, based on examination of a dead. Freedom Schools scholars organize a march to protest against 2.5-mile walk zone policy, marching from John Stanford Center to City Hall; launching a multi-year campaign ultimately leading to the Youth Orca Card Program which provides free ORCA cards for middle and high school students; walk zone policy reduced to 1 mile Transportation Subsidies $25 ORCA Bus Pass For new bus riders living or working in Redmond (98052) Fill out the application and turn it in by the 20th of the month Your $25 ORCA card will be mailed to your home address At the end of the month, add fares to your ORCA card and continue to use your card for the most convenient way to pay for transit Apply for your Go Redmond ORCA Pas Transportation & Parking Services Department sells subsidized ORCA cards in office. ORCA products feature 2.75, 3.25, 4.75, or ferry monthly passes for full months within the duration of the quarter or semester as well as additional E-purse funds. Monthly passes and preloaded E-purse funds are subsidized at a rate of 50%, additional E-purse.

The Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island conducts annual surveys of the orca population; visit their website at whaleresearch.com for the most up-to-date information. Store Information: Phone: 206-382-613 In 2020, the organizations announced that all fans traveling to Seattle Kraken games will have free transit access, including use of the Monorail. Children 5 and under ride free. We accept credit/debit cards and ORCA cards. Credit cards incur 3.7% fee. How to Buy Tickets. In Person at Monorai Seattle High School Students: Get Your Free ORCA Card by Hannah Newton • August 20, 2018 • 0 Comments Seattle Public Schools has mailed applications to all district high school students for the free, 12-month ORCA cards that will provide unlimited transit on King County Metro, King County Water Taxi, Seattle Streetcar, Sound Transit.

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January 6, 2020 . Residents in Downtown Redmond are driving less and living a sustainable lifestyle. If you live downtown, request your free ORCA card today. Did you receive a $25 ORCA bus pass from Go Redmond at your building? Congratulations, you are part of our pilot program to increase access to transit services in Redmond!. Student ORCA Card Reimbursement. Eligible Highline students can receive a $60 dollar Bookstore gift card when they spend $60 or more on mass transit during the current quarter. Instructions: 1). Complete this form and sign at the bottom. 2). Attach mass transit receipts to this completed form. Total receipts must equal $60.00 or more. 3) Online card Management Monthly management of employee ORCA cards by serial number, group, or branch As needed Who pays for the products? Company decides whether to subsidize all, some, or none of the cost. Company subsidizes 50 to 100% of the cost of each pass. Cost per employee Monthly retail prices apply Great location and office. An ORCA card is provided and we get free snacks, drinks, etc. Health benefits, which remain from prior to our acquisition, are excellent. There are some wonderful people in this organization, even six months after the acquisition. The product itself, for now, remains a market leader

ORCA Fall Quarter Sale. ORCA cards are on sale September 24, 2021 through November 10, 2021. Cashier's Office windows, second floor of the 5000 Building (FOSS) Bring payment, photo ID, and proof of registration ; Shoreline's ORCA card program is simple: For $100, a registered student can buy a $200 ORCA ePurse card Seattle (December 4, 2020) - Three years ago, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan was sworn in as the 56th mayor of Seattle, and first woman mayor to lead the City in nearly a century. As Mayor Durkan marks three years since taking office, the Office of the Mayor has released its third annual report outlining updates on key community priorities like essential services, homelessness, [ ORCA Opportunity will continue to allow free ORCA cards for eligible middle school students enrolled in Seattle Public Schools that are not eligible for an ORCA card from the Seattle Public Schools. If your high school student still needs their free ORCA card or if you have questions about the program, please email YouthORCA@seattle.gov or call.

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All Bellevue College ORCA Plus youth cards expire September of each year and automatically become an Adult ORCA Card, which means that transit agencies will begin charging full adult fare. Youth Card Options. Youth ORCA Plus Blue — $240 Value (purchased for $120). Requires registration in 10 credits or more Business Card will be replaced only once per quarter at a cost of $25.00. A defective ORCA Business Card will be replaced free of charge. 3. I will return my assigned ORCA Business Card upon request or when I leave my employment or otherwise do 9/28/2020 9:07:03 AM.

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Do you accept Debit/Credit Cards, ORCA or Sound Transit Cards? *As of May 2020, Seattle Center Monorail is temporarily not accepting cash to minimize germs transmitted between customers and employees. Seattle Center Monorail accepts cash, debit/credit cards and ORCA cards. Click HERE to learn more about using ORCA on the Monorail Aug 4, 2020. 5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ You have to pay around $100/month out of pocket for Cigna Transportation: Free Orca Card WFH: Depending on the program, usually once per week.. 2) The first time I tried to use the website to load value on my free ORCA card, it ended up creating a 2nd card and putting the value on that one. Naturally this happened outside business hours and I needed to be able to use my card soon (rather than wait for another in the mail) so I loaded $50 onto my existing card once I figured out the system

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ORCA cards will be available for pick-up at the Wednesday Distribution Days during the month of October from 1:00-4:00pm at the main entry of school. The 2020-21 Superintendent's Student Advisory Board Congratulations to Nathan Hale students Corinne and Isabelle who will serve on the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Student Advisory Board An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon

Dec 3 2020, 11:41 am. Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock. New Orca cards are available to transit riders for free until February 28, 2021. All transit agencies have agreed to waive the $5 fee for new cards to encourage the use of contactless payments and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 Subsidized Stakeholder One Page 09-18-2020 AS. Transit fares with the subsidized annual pass Fares fully subsidized ORCA card options $$ LOW COST $$$ FULL COST $$ LOW COST Children 5 years of age and under can ride free with an adult and do not need an ORCA card. For more information about these fare options, visit kingcounty.gov/metro. In order to use the 2020 carryover funds for 2020 expenses, you must file manual claims, the debit card cannot be utilized to pay for 2020 claims. See FSA Claim Form. Use of the charging stations is available free of charge. ORCA Cards. ORCA gets you moving! The Port of Seattle subsidizes the One Regional Card for All (ORCA) transportation.

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ORCA cards can last up to five years and can be reloaded over and over. Adult (ages 19 to 64) card: $5.00; Reduced fare cards. Youth (age 6 to 18) requires proof of age. Card cost is $5.00. Senior Regional Reduced Fare Permit (age 65 or older) requires proof of age. First card is free. Replacement card is $3.00. Disabled Regional Reduced Fare. Public records about the design and implementation of the Orca Card system in the Sound Transit RTA (e.g. the Seattle metro area). Addeddate 2020-02-29 01:09:0

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Your first Orca Card is free! There is a $15 replacement fee if the Orca Card is misplaced. Unlimited WTA bus service. As of winter quarter 2017, Orca Cards include unlimited, pre-paid access to local bus service for currently enrolled WCC students as a result of the student-initiated, student-approved fee of $20 per quarter The LIFT card is a low-income ORCA card that provides users with a reduced fare for Metro Transit, King County Water Taxi, Kitsap Transit, Seattle Streetcar and Sound Transit Link light rail. For a full overview of ORCA LIFT, please visit the Metro website ORCA cards now free for seniors, disabled and low-income . CODES (7 days ago) The RRFP program, and ORCA LIFT card for income-eligible riders, provide a savings of 45 percent or more on transit fares. Getting a reduced-fare ORCA pass is now easier and more affordable for people who need it most, said John Resha, King County Metro Assistant General Manager and Chair of the ORCA Joint Board 2020/11/23 ORCA PROGRAM CARD Ver 4.2 141204A ( Support Ver 4.1 VX,VXX,VX1,VX3,VX3 1S ) ORCA USB_LINK DOWNLOAD 2012/08/30 Ver 1.2 ORCA USB_LINK INSTALLER.RAR ( Version 1.2 Support VX, VX1 ) ( Must completely uninstall the old version software before installing the new version software

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You can use an ORCA Card like cash to pay your bus fare. The card stores cash value which can be used as fare on your trips. You can store value from $5 to $300 on your ORCA card. The card itself has a one-time $5 purchase fee which can be purchased online, by phone (1-888-988-6722; TTY relay: 711) or in person at any Pierce Transit Bus Shop The ORCA card is all you need to pay your fare on buses and trains in the Puget Sound region. After you load E-purse (electronic purse) value or a monthly pass on it, your ORCA card works like cash or a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don't have to. Cost. Getting a card is easy and is $5 or less Orca.exe is a database table editor for creating and editing Windows Installer packages and merge modules. The tool provides a graphical interface for validation, highlighting the particular entries where validation errors or warnings occur ORCA Cards. These transit passes can be used on streetcars, light rail, buses, and more. Please note: they do not work on Washington State Ferries or the Seattle Center Monorail). ORCA cards cost $5; load an all-day regional transit pass onto an ORCA card for $8. Transit pass value covers $3.50 per ride. orcacard.co Typically reduced-fair cards can only be requested by mail or in person at the King Street Customer Information Office in Seattle. During the event, King County will be providing free youth cards (while supplies last) with a $10 pre-loaded credit to youth ages 14-18. Youth ages 6-13 can purchase a reduced-fair ORCA card for $5 at the event Class passes cannot be purchased with an ORCA card. After your Class Pass order has been placed, please call Pierce Transit Customer Service at 253.581.8000 with details regarding your trip. If you need assistance with your trip plan, a representative is available to help between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays

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