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WakeStation is a two-tower, straight-line cable system for wakeboarding and snowboarding. It's a versatile, portable and fully customizable system for any location, and it works for everyone—from total beginners to professional riders Sesitec's System 2.0 Cable has revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding since it's creation in 2006. The 2-tower cable wakeboard system was invented by German water sports engineering company..

The Wakeboard Cable offers two models, a two-line system recommended for cables 500ft or less and a three-line system recommended for increased tension or spans exceeding 500ft. Both cable systems have easily adjustable speed control, operator driven continuous ride, and downloadable rider profiles I am excited to be building my second Sesitec cable in my second year of business at Gold Coast Wake Park. Gold Coast Wake Park - Daniel Watkins » Having opened West Rock as a System 2.0 park in 2014, and most recently expanded to a full cable we are grateful for being on this journey with Blueprint Adventure Co. & Sesitec System 2.0 Heavy Duty - Evolution of the 2-tower wakeboard cable park. Since the launch of the System 2.0 we have seen a growing trend towards the establishment of pure 2-tower wakeparks around the world. To meet the increasing demands on material and machine, we have developed the System 2.0 Heavy Duty

WS System WakeStation is a portable two tower straight-line cable system dedicated for wakeboarding and snowboarding. It's a versatile, portable and fully customizable system for any location, and it works for everyone - from total beginners to professional riders * The footprint of the two-tower cable is minimal, so locations are easier to find and more abundant * Loop Cable System is a green solution with its emission free electrical motor * The System makes learning wakeboarding easy and fun * The two lines remote control allows to be very effective and provide a great rider experience for each of the

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  1. Each 2-Tower Cable uses an area of approximately 100′ wide x up to 700′ long, or just shy of 1.4 surface acres. (30 meters x 183 meters). Ideally, we like to have air and learning cables be in the 400′ to 550′ in length, and no closer than 50′ to any shoreline or the maximum reach of another cable footprint
  2. The Sesitec System 2.0 revolutionized wake- boarding and broke down boundaries for riders. From the industry milestone in 2008 until now, the System 2.0 still is the market leader with more than 480 installed cables worldwide. You can't go wrong with the original two tower system
  3. World Cup - Pro Mens Cable Wakeboard Final, Beijing 2014 - Duration: 12:58. IWWF 186,282 views. The Cable Factory ShrEdit #2 System 2.0 - Duration: 2:38. Brett Kesler 3,316 views
  4. A system 2.0 straight line cable is a 2 tower system, allowing riders to wakeboard 150m under the constant control and instruction from one of our coaches. Suitable for beginners up to advanced riders. Please note: we have no features on the System 2.0. Lessons take place with one of our instructors on a one to one basis
  5. Morgan Batchelor, founder of Elevated Wake Park, is a Lexington local and experienced wakeboarder. He grew up riding boat on High Rock Lake, and has been riding Cable Parks for years. His expertise lead to a fun and well-designed Full-Size Cable park and System 2.0; located in Morgan's hometown, Lexington, NC
  6. We built our own two tower cable wakeboard system at the Backyard Rail Park in South Mississippi. Interested in how we did it? We have photos from every step..

The Sesitec System 2.0 is a two-tower straight line cable wakeboard system which has completely revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding over the last ten years. The System 2.0 can be used as; a stand alone wakeboard park or water sports business, to complement waterski schools and cable ski lakes, for private backyard setups or to take.. SYSTEM 2.0. A small lake is fully dedicated to the SESITIC System 2.0. There is also a facility System 2.0 always Sesitec for both beginners and those who want to improve specific tricks. Unit-parktech Structures: Full Size Cable Wakeboard in Italy - Enfold Theme by Kriesi

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SYSTEM 2.0. Il nostro SESITEC System 2.0 è ubicato in un lago dedicato. Il System 2.0 è dedicato sia ai principianti sia a coloro i quali desiderano migliorare alcuni trick o prendere lezioni private con istruttori qualificati FISW • BWSW Straight-line Cable Operator qualification or the System 2.0 operator qualification. • Be aged 16 years or over (note, to be a licensed coach you must be 17). • Be able to complete the Silver Cutting Edge programme for Cable Wakeboard (note, those who are unable to perform these will need to demonstrate experience in delivering.

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Never been wakeboarding before? The Learn to Ride Package is a great place to start! This package starts the rider with a 15 minute private lesson the System 2.0, our beginner cable. After the 15 minute session, this pass includes a 1 hour pass on the Full Size Cable. All rental gear is included! Get Your Toes Wet Package - $3 Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order

Bruno Rixen, honored as Cable God in the wakeboard scene, invented the waterski cableway already back in 1960 and made this sport accessible to millions of people. Thanks to his revolutionary ideas, riders and fans all over the world enjoy the excitement of a wakeboard facility CABLE RENT ( Easy Ride ) 2.o system. The System 2.0 is the best and safest way to learn how to wakeboard. It enables a continuous ride with an accurate speed control and constant supervision of a trained instructor. It can get any beginner up and riding within a matter of minutes

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  1. Unique to London, WakeUp Docklands is London's only cable wakeboard park within the central transport network, offering a variety of water based activities in an inner city environment. Located in the sheltered waters of the Royal Victoria Dock we specialise in: Cable wakeboarding (System 2.0) - we have two separate cables
  2. One full size- cable system for the experienced riders and two straight-line System 2.0 for the complete novice and intermediate riders from as young as six years old. Cafe and Bar- Coastal Rhythm- serves up international and local cuisine for hungry riders and cafe hunters
  3. Pentasi is a company producing wakeboard cableways. We can fully equip a wake park with full-size cableways, two tower cable systems and the highest quality durable obstacles, providing everything that is needed for wakeboarding from A to Z
  4. Valdosta Wake Compound started in 2011 with a 2 tower system on a 10 acre fishing lake. While running the two tower wakepark, VWC acquired and developed a 30 acre facility with custom developed ponds and a 6 tower Full sized cable system where they are currently located today
  5. McCormick's cable park: full system cable wakeboard park in Seffner, Florida photos, videos, info, weather conditions, links to OWC's official website & facebook. Located just outside Tampa, McCormick's Cable Park has been open for 5 years the lake has been around since the 70's.

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2021 Hyperlite Freepress 151 Cm Wakeboard Cable JB Oneill Pro Model. $245.00. $95.92 shipping. HyperLite Scott Byerly Pro Model WakeBoard 137 Scott Bouchard. $199.99. New O'Brien System 140cm Wakeboard with 11-14 Clutch Bindings - 2180202. $339.99. Only 1 left! Ronix Parks Wakeboard and Boots. $400.00. $66.18 shipping. or Best Offer. 23. Wakeboard and waterski on the cable lakes at TSR. We pride ourselves on having one of the top ranked facilities in the world with some of the best coaches and southern hospitality that can't be beat. Beginners can learn to ride on the 'Lil Bro or take a private lesson on the System 2.0. More advanced riders can enjoy the ever changing lake of. Welcome to Propag anda Freestyle Park in Liptovsky Mikulas. We bring you the very first System 2.0 Cable Park in Dikvakia offering you the cheapest and best way to learn the great water sports of Wakeboarding, Wake Skate, Water Ski and Knee Boarding. Take a look around the site to see how we can help you and get in contact for more information!. Most 2 tower wakeparks in the UK have System 2.0 cables installed, most have at least one cable and many have beginner specific system 2.0 cables. Lagoon Watersports in Brighton as an example have 2 System 2.0 cables with obstacles and a beginners cable, they offer a good 'learn to wake' session Never been wakeboarding before? The Learn to Ride package is the perfect place to start! This pass comes with a 20 minute lesson on our beginner cable, the System 2.0. All rental gear included! *Weekends Only - Reservation Require

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Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports. It is very similar to snowboarding or skateboarding on water and has become the cool and youthful alternative to water-skiing. The cable system allows the wakeboarder to ride continuously by turning at each end of the basin. We have 4 obstacles floating in the water that allow the rider to. System 2 Cable Chichester Wakeboard. Wakeboard Cable Chichester. System 2 Cable Chichester Wakeboard. WAKEBOARD CABLE. Find the UK's longest 2.0 HD wakeboard cable here at CWS. An exhilarating and energising sport for all those thrill seekers out there, or for those looking for a fun alternative to keep fit Never been wakeboarding before? The Learn to Ride Package is a great place to start! This package starts the rider with a 15 minute private lesson the System 2.0, our beginner cable. After the 15 minute session, this pass includes a 1 hour pass on the Full Size Cable. All rental gear is included! Get Your Toes Wet Package - $3 The system 2.0 training cable is for those who are new to wakeboarding. It helps introduce beginners to the fundamentals of the sport and allows them to master the basics. A full size cable system provides riders the opportunity to become more comfortable with riding features and feels more like riding behind a boat

Wakeboarding sessions at Lagoon Watersports Wake Park, Brighton. Choose from 3 x System 2.0 cables.See You on the Water.. Call 01273 42 48 42 Opt 2 The Lift aspires to provide a unique experience in outdoor recreation. Never been wakeboarding before? Spend your summer on the water learning how to ride behind our System 2.0, dialing in new tricks on the Full Size Cable and conquering the Aqua Park on our beautiful spring-fed lake

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Try out the latest and most up-to-date wakeboard track in Hungary and choose among the available tracks to be a beginner or a pro! English. Magyar ; PROFIL; RATES; CABLES & OBSTACLES. 2 TOWER SYSTEM CABLE FOR BEGINNERS; 5 TOWER BEGINNER CABLE; UNIQUE 6 TOWER PRO CABLE IN HUNGARY! OBSTACLES; SHOP. WAKEBOARD AND BEACH SHOP; ABOUT US. GALLERY. By Tony Smith Wakeboarding used to have two kinds of guys: skiboarders and freeriders. [...] 0 comments. Cologne Floods Vol 2 with @nicovonlerchenfeld @one. You're up! A set behind the @yamahaboating 255XD. 2007 was insane. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ 2007.1 - @jdwebb87 System 2.0 Cable wakeboarding park on Hove Lagoon, Brighton offering wakeboard lessons, group wakeboarding and practice sessions You will then go onto the System 2.0 cable where you will get your 1-2-1 lesson getting you to stand up and get the hang of wakeboarding. Throughout your whole lesson your instructor will give you hints and tips to get the most out of your lesson Finding the proper wakeboard binding can be just as important as finding the right wakeboard. Just so we are all on the same page, the terms boots and bindings for wakeboarding are referring to the same thing (with the exception of the Hyperlite System Bindings , more on that later)

Come out and see us tomorrow for the final day of the @utahboatshow! There will be several #system2 wake park shows throughout the day. Stop by and say hi Visit greenband.com for more info. @sesitec @unit_parktech #utahboatshow #indoorwakepark #wakeboarding #railja I have a new linear cable on the market called The Wakeboard Cable. The only two systems I have ridden are mine and System 2.0. No one is here to hear a sales pitch, I think the two are pretty comparable. I really enjoyed riding the system 2.0, and mine as well. The way I see it is each system has a unique selling point. System 2.

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But the System 2.0 can also be used for private backyard setups because it is the first cable system that is actually portable. And unlike other two tower systems, System 2.0 was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride—meaning that you won't have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the rail course System 2.0. 12 Obstacles. Wake school. Accommodation. European and Russian food, a bar on the top floor with a view of the lake, wakeboard rental, a shop for professional equipment and clothes, as well as 28 hotel rooms for accommodation. PRICE. Big cable. Half-day (13:00 - 18:00) 2 hours. 4 hours. All day long (9:00 - 18:30) Adults. Kids. Best Boat Wakeboards & Cable Park Wakeboards. Ok, so this might sound self-explanatory, but there are still a few details worth mentioning: When browsing wakeboards for sale, you'll see that models are either built for cable parks, boats, or in some cases, both.Mostly due to obstacles, wakeboards for cable parks will always have a special base and stronger edges 1-2-1 VIDEO COACHING SESSION. 2 hours of 1-2-1 coaching from the elite coaches at Hannam's Wake Hub. This session includes 30 mins on the System 2.0 and 1 1/2 hours on the full cable with helmet communication with the coach, doubles riding and if that's not enough we will have everything video'd for you to critique or post as you want The System 2.0 is essentially a straight-line cable system that is great for events or stand-alone rail parks.The System 2.0 allows for a continuous ride, it is the perfect way to learn to wakeboard and has close to a 100% record for teaching people to wakeboard

The camp accommodates up to eight people at a time, typically in week-long blocks, and features two lakes, MasterCraft boats and a System 2.0 cable park with pro-level coaches. Location: Orlando, Florida Level of instruction: Beginner, intermediate, advanced Types of instruction: Wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfin A Cable Park is a way to enjoy towed-watersports (wakeboarding, kneeboarding, ect.) without the need of a boat. The Full-Size system pulls up to 7 riders at a time. Beginner riders can cruise center of the cable while Experienced riders have the option to test their skills on kickers, rails and other features placed around the lake

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Want to know where the nearest wakeboarding location is to you then check the map or look at the list of locations below. If you think we've missed somewhere please let us know Filter by location typ RST-200(2 Pack) 4 Digit Combination Padlock with 12 inches Steel Cable for Locker Lock,Luggage,Suitcase,Gun Case,Toolbox,Helmet,Cable Diameter 3 mm,Black 4.1 out of 5 stars 44 $11.49 $ 11 . 49 ($5.75/Count The first is a full size cable tow and the other being System 2.0 for tuition. The 2.0 system is on a smaller lake and is also ideal for advanced riders wishing to practice and nail tricks There are great park features for those wakeboarders wishing to get some airtime or hit the rails As everyone else, we use cookies to make sure you have the best experience while browsing our cool site. By clicking the button, we understand you're ok with that Find wakeboarding lessons in Cornwall and cable wakeboarding courses to learn or improve your technique with the wakeboard. Average price. £33. Based on 2 offers. View offers. View companies The most liked Wakeboarding offers in Cornwall. 3. 3 Hour Stand Up Paddle Board Hire Pentewan

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South Coast H2O is the premier water-sports centre on the south coast. We offer a variety of sports and have unique facilities including one of the UK's longest system 2.0 cable wakeboarding runs! Located near Portsmouth in Hampshire we are easy to reach, browse our site and see what activities and products we have available to interest you Cable parks are a beautiful thing for the sport of wakeboarding. Few things have done as much to make the sport so accessible to the masses. Before cable parks, if you didn't have a boat—or at least know someone with a boat—you couldn't wakeboard. But now, it's as simple as heading down to your closest cable park, strapping in, and taking off Get a pair of wakeboarding boots. Wakeboarding boots, also known as bindings, go on your feet and hook onto your wakeboard so you're held in place during your ride. Look for a stiffer, less flexible pair of boots for when you're just starting out. It will be easier to balance and steer the board if your ankles are tightly locked into place Shot across five continents and covering every aspect of cable and System 2.0 every rider has been pushed to their limits in order to showcase the sport at it's most progressive and creative. As the riders push themselves and their riding, across the world, The Debut gives us a unique insight into their journey and who they really are

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Cable Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, Kneeboarding or Waterskiing. We highly recommend that first time riders schedule a coach to enhance their first experience out on the water at TSR. Our coaches are trained to work with all ages and abilities. With a private 2.0 System to learn on, one-on-one coaching and all equipment provided we are sure you. 4 800W Active Passive Marine Grade Wakeboard Tower Speakers System Pyle's 800W dual marine grade off-road speaker system is what you need to listen to high-quality audio on your boat, ATV, UTV, quad, Jeep, or other outdoor vehicles! Includes (2) four-inch passive two-way off-road speaker system Anything you can do behind a boat, you can do at the cable park. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned pro, this park is for you. Lessons. Have you always wanted to learn to wakeboard? Or are you a seasoned wakeboarder looking to up your game? We have the lesson package for you! Memberships

Camarines Sur Philippines - Wakeboarding | Watersports ComplexHyperlite 2020 State Wakeboard – WakeboardsWakeboarding McCormick's Cable Park Tampa Florida USA2020 Raptor Temper Kneeboard With Hook | MelbourneVisit McHenry County, Illinois - The Quarry Cable ParkJever Fun Wake The Line | Sesitec System 2

Wakeboard Packages are a great way to save money when you compare it to buying a board and bindings separately. Many of the Ronix, Liquid Force, and Hyperlite Wakeboard Packages we offer will save you between 20-40%. To top it off, all our wakeboard packages come with free shipping and our best price guarantee. Wakeboard Buyer's Guide and Size. Shop Cable Park Wakeboards and Find Quality Boards from Ronix, Slingshot, Hyperlite and Liquid Force. Get your flex on with some functional and buttery smooth boards. Wakeboards that work on both the park and boat are classified under the Hybrid Wakeboards. Get Free shipping on your next park board Sangro Wakeboard Lake, Castel di Sangro. 1,290 likes · 1 talking about this · 450 were here. Wake Park SYSTEM 2.0 - S.U.P. Area (Stand Up Paddle) - Tessera obbligatoria - Area Barbecue - Area.. System 2.0 Cable wakeboarding park on Hove Lagoon, Brighton offering wakeboard lessons, group wakeboarding and practice sessions CABLE RENT (Easy Ride) 2.o system The System 2.0 is the best and safest way to learn how to wakeboard. It enables a continuous ride with an accurate speed control and constant supervision of a trained instructor. It can get any beginner up and riding within a matter of minutes Elsium is the world's first producer of a two-way wired portable cable system - the Elsium ARIA. The high-tech & innovative system is 100% battery powered, compact in design and easy to install. Elsium ARIA is an indispensable tool for recreational and professional sports activities at any location and at any time of

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