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Check Out -backup On eBay. Find It On eBay. Great Prices On -backup. Find It On eBay If you back up data on a PS3™ system and then transfer data to another PS3™ system using the data transfer utility, copy-prohibited saved data that is included in the backup data cannot be restored on either system. Some types of backed up data can be restored on another PS3™ system Sony finally updated the Backup Utility on the PS3 and also with the introduction of the Slim added another feature, Data Transfer Utility ×Sorry to interrupt. CSS Error. Refres

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The PS3 system's Backup Utility feature can be used to create a back-up of all data from the PS3 system's Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on a removable storage media ( 12. Best way to back up PS3 hard drive †Digital Spy https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/2251962/best-way-to-back-up-ps3-hard-driv PS3xport is a utility for manipulating PS3 backup archives. It can create a fully working backup from scratch, as well as extract files from existing backups or rename, delete, or add new files to an existing backup. PS3 backup files A PS3 backup is created from the System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Backup menu on the XMB (Xross Media Bar) PS3 has it backup tool that will not take much time or space, but it might get you out of trouble in the future. You can use an AC powered external hard drive or a flash drive as the backup drive. The backup drive for PS3 has to be formatted with FAT32 Using an External PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade An external PS3 hard drive upgrade will allow you to back up your entire PS3 ([Settings]> [System Settings]> [Backup Utility]>Back Up), but if you don't have one already it is a large extra investment for something that you will only do once

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The PS3 backup utility is buried in the system menu on the PS3 Xross Media Bar and it is about as bare-bones as a backup utility can get. It simply copies everything from the PS3's internal hard drive to an external hard drive of your choosing. Or at least that's what I thought This will backup your trophies to the PSN server. Do this for each user you may have on your PS3. 8. Once thats done, go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility. Then choose the Backup option. It will warn you if you haven't synced your Trophies and then do a Yes. Then read the next prompt and do a Yes to that. 9. Choose the external. If your backup fails, try deleting unnecessary files like game install data (under Game Data Utility on the Game category on the XMB), I had a problem when install data for one game was corrupted and this may fail a backup

Clone PS3/4 Hard Drive to New Larger HDD or SSD

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Yes backup utility copies everything including copy-protected saves, DLC, patches and whatever else. It will restore completly if you restore on the same PS3, so if you swap your harddrive then.. From the PS3 Home screen, go to System Settings > Backup Utility. Select Back Up and then Yes. Choose the destination (the drive you inserted just now). Then, the backup process starts and you just need to wait for it to finish Unlike the Xbox 360, you're able to backup and restore most of your PlayStation 3 hard drive. Firstly, sign in to your PSN account, then insert your USB storage device, whether flash drive or hard.. http://consoleintersection.com/ Here is some footage of the backup and restore prosess to a USB drive

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  1. Full Guide is here: http://www.gadgetmadness.com/archives/20110309-how_to_upgrade_your_ps3_hard_drive_with_backup_restore_step_by_step_instructions_part_1.ph..
  2. Solution1: transfer data from PS3 hard drive to new hard drive via Backup & Restore utility. You may complete this solution by means of an external hard drive. Theoretically, you back PS3 hard drive up to the external hard drive and later restore the backup image from the external drive. Connect the external hard drive to your PS3
  3. The PS3 has a built-in software backup utility that can copy the PS3's hard-drive contents to an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive or a memory stick. The removable storage device..
  4. Home Forums > PlayStation 3 Forums > General PS3 Discussion > Help & Support > PS3 Need help to extract my own backup made by backup utility ofw 4.82 Discussion in ' Help & Support ' started by ayassinsayed , May 3, 2018
  5. Installing free games through a PS3 backup Guide 1. Format your PS3 (optional but makes process few times quicker) 2. Create a backup using PS3 Backup Utility to a USB drive. Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility 3. Copy Backup folder to your PC 4. Downloa
  6. Backup Utility to a different PS3 system. So I wanted to use a PS3 Super Slim instead of my current PS3 Phat due to how loud and hot it gets when I use it for too long. Not to mention I want to preserve it as much as I can. I backed up all the data I had on it but when I try to restore it on the Super Slim I get a message that some data cannot.
  7. Back up any data already stored on the PS3. Plug the external USB hard drive into one of the PS3's USB ports. In the Xross Media Bar go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility. Follow the on screen directions and select Back Up to back up all game saves, downloads, media and game installs to the USB drive

Help with PS3 Back-Up Utility? If I back-up my PS3 data to an external hard drive (using the back-up system button in the settings), will it erase all the stuff that is already on the hard drive (like other files I already have on the hard drive)? User Info: JayDee321 Ps3 Back Up Utility. Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2008-Nov-24, 5:32 pm AEST posted 2008-Nov-24, 5:32 pm AEST User #219623 256 posts. Hyper Ham. Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RbGL28. posted 2008-Nov-24, 9:51 am AEST ref: whrl.pl/RbGL28. posted 2008-Nov-24, 9:51 am AEST. PS3 Backup Manager free download: Tried and tested software for Windows. Safe PC download for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, latest version

PS3 backup files. A PS3 backup is created from the System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Backup menu on the XMB (Xross Media Bar). It requires the use of a FAT32-formatted storage and it will create the backup as a subdirectory of the directory PS3/EXPORT/ named with the current date and time Type S for Inject to Selected Backup and press enter to begin the injection. Allow it to finish. Move the backup on to your storage device, and plug the storage device back into your PS3. Navigate to the Settings column and down to System Settings → Backup Utility → Restore. Select your backup from your flash drive and wait for it to.

PS3™ Backup Utilit

  1. The problem is I didn't want to lose my videos purchased from PS3 store, or copy-protected gamesaves. I would backup all my data to external USB hard-drive using the backup utility. It would take about 2 hours. I would then install the new drive into PS3 and try to restore backed up data from the external USB drive
  2. utes to do the backup? Lol Are you shitting me, Sony? How long to do the restore? Sheesh
  3. 1) Use a PC to read hidden files, and see if the PS3 backup utility hides some files in the folders the backup utility creates. 2) Copy all of the 35 GB of backups from the external HDD to your PC, obviously including any hidden files the backup utility might have created. Make sure to keep the directory structure intact
How to Back Up and Import PS3 Game Saves

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So I advise everyone who has a backwards compatible PS3 (or anyone with PS2 or PSOne save data on their PS3) to remember to do backups of their save data to other media. The allmighty Backup/Restore Utility does the best job it can for the PS3 but isn't perfect... and now you know. And knowing is half the battle PS3xport is a utility for manipulating PS3 Backup archives. It can create a fully working backup from scratch, as well as extract files from existing backups or rename, delete or add new files to an existing backup. PS3 Backup files. A PS3 Backup is created from the System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Backup menu on the XMB On the Cross Media Bar (XMB), move the selection to Game and then move down to Saved Data Utility (PS3). Select it, then move down to the game you want to backup the saves for. Press triangle on. Straightforward piece of software with an intuitive GUI used to rapidly merge large PS3 backup files that were previously split with PS3Splitter What's new in PS3Merge Bug fix: There is.

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  1. PlayStation 3 owners can transfer data to an external USB hard drive using the console's Backup Utility. PlayStation Vita players can back up their games and saves to a PS3 or PC using the PS.
  2. PS3 HDD Utility v1.00 by nullptr - Download: PS3 HDD Utility v1.00.rar; PS3 HDD Reader v1 by @3141card - Download: ps3_hdd_reader_windows.rar with ps3_hdd_gui_1.3.rar (in PS3T481) by @aldostools; PS3Xport PS3 Backup Manipulation Tool by @kakarotoks - Download: Ps3Xport GUI by homeedog.zip / Githu
  3. The above semi-guide is also readable in the PS3 Owners Manual Knowledge Centre: Can I upgrade the hard disk drive (HDD) inside my PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system? and PS3 User's Guide :: Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility

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I had 5 games installed on my ps3 in April. I found out that games could be installed on HDD OFW 4.81 at that time so I had them installed from a shop here since I couldn't do it on my own. At that time I had 1 spare SSD 256 GB so I used it for the PS3. The games worked fine. Now last week I had replaced the HDD and I took the backup before Unless you have multiple USB drives connected, your hard drive should be the only option here. Doing so will back up your PS3's data to the hard drive. You can't run games off of the hard drive, but you can back up your existing game files to the hard drive and then delete the games from your PS3's internal drive to clear up space In order to make backup games, you'll need some tools as follows: 1. Backup Wizard . Although PS3 system's backup utility feature allows us to back up all data from PS3, the copy protected content can't be transferred. So Backup Wizard has been developed to back up all your video games in a simple way

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  1. For all your PS3 Needs. Brewology.com. PS3 Downloads Blu-Ray Disc Java (BDJ) Custom Firmware
  2. im trying to back up my gamesaves ready for when i get my replacement ps3. its an 80 gig USB drive im using, its all i got to hand. when i plug it in to the ps3 the power light comes on the hard drive, and when i try the back up utility, all it says in insert storage media at the save destination. ive tried both usb ports, but i cant get owt.
  3. Ps3 backup utility, what does it backup? Archive View Return to standard view. from December 2008; to March 2010; last updated - posted 2010-Mar-12, 10:25 am AEST posted 2010-Mar-12, 10:25 am AEST User #15065 10122 posts. Whizbang. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl.
  4. This download is 100% clean of viruses. It was tested with 24 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. View the full PS3 Backup Manager download site for virus test results.. The file that was tested: manager2.pkg
  5. The PS3 has a back up function that will save everything on it...as long as you've got a storage device big enough to hold it all. An external hard drive makes things pretty easy. Before you upgrade, just plug in your hard drive via USB, select System Settings>Backup Utility>Back Up and follow the onscreen directions

If you are attempting to use the Playstation 3 backup utility to replace or upgrade your hard drive, you may have run into Connect storage media at the save destination when you attempt to start the process from system settings Home Forums PC, Console & Handheld Discussions Sony PlayStation 3 Discussions PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew PS3HEN and Backup Utility - Any Issues? By BiggieCheese , Sep 25, 2019 1,622 1 the 160 gb ps3 does not have memory card slots like the first few models. number 2 , a system backup is to be used in case your memory gets wiped off the hard drive so therefore you cannot use the hard drive to backup. you must use a flash drive or external hard The PlayStation 3 is designed to run with 2.5-inch SATA drive of 9.5mm height. Step-by-step guide to clone PS3 hard drive to larger drive. Using a third-party tool to clone PS3 HDD are far easier than you might imagine. I will guide you go through the process step-by-step. Before cloning PS3 hard drive Connect your formatted hard drive to the Playstation 3 through a USB port and power the console up. Navigate the XMB to the 'Settings' menu and select 'System Settings' Select the 'Backup Utility' function to create a backup of your data - this can take up to 2 hours if you have a lot of data on the PS3

Two Ways to Backup PS3/4 Hard Drive Step by Ste

How to Backup Your PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade So You Don't

Question Regarding PS3 Backup Utility. Thread starter JB1981; Start date Mar 20, 2013; 39 Forums. Discussions. Gaming Discussion . J. JB1981 Member. May 12, 2006 30,991 0 1,395 Toms River, NJ. Mar 20, 2013 #1 Hi Gaf, I just got done scouring PS3 support forums for the answer to this question but I can't seem to find one.. Insert the USB into your PS3 system, go to the SAVED DATA UTILITY folder under the GAME menu, open your USB from here, you should see the save data inside the USB now, copy it to the PS3's HD Add Tip Ask Question Comment Downloa To format PS3 USB to FAT32, first you need to take out the USB drive and connect it to a computer, of which the operating system can be Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. Next, download EaseUS Partition Master Free and install it on your Windows computer The PS3 system's Backup Utility feature can be used to create a back-up of all data from the PS3 system's Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on a removable storage media (such as, USB storage device, MemoryStick, SD Memory Card, or CompactFlash). This feature can also be used to restore data that has already been backed up

1. After you've connected the HDD to the PS3, go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility > Backup. 2. Select Confirm and then select USB Drive, and your entire PS3 will be backed up on to. Resetting or formating the PS3 will delete all your settings, games and movies everything else saved on your PS3. To save all your settings and everything else, open up the Settings Menu on your PS3 and navigate to System > System Settings > Backup Utility > Backup and do a complete Backup on a USB-Drive. When the Backup is complete proceed. The thing is I've used the current PS3 lots in the meantime and have tons of new games and everything on it. I want to restore the backup but the key question to me is: Does restoring a backup through the system utility wipe out the destination drive in the PS3 to put it there or does it just add the backup data to it If you're restoring to the same PS3, most everything is restored. If you're restoring to a different PS3, account data is not restored. But please, please, also do a manual backup of your game saves and PS2/1 memory cards. Preferably even on an entirely different media than what you're doing the complete backup with Hello I have just backed up my PS3 using PS3's backup utility and an external hard drive formated to FAT32 with no problems. Although I have recently bought Crysis 2 and noticed that the game save data is copy protected the same as some others out there, and i cant seem to back it up manually to the external hard drive because of this

The backup utility will basically back-up everything that is not copyright protected. So you can think of all you save games, images and videos. Although Games, downloadable content, copyright protected media etc will not be backed-up. Basically the PS3 will be busy for a long time backing up nothing The archive.dat file format is used to store PS3 Backup data. This feature was added since 1.32. The PS3 backup/restore system will create archive.dat files on USB media which will contain a backup of your entire HDD Use your thumb drive and make, PS3 > UPDATE folders within it. Then download the Latest System Update and transfer it into the UPDATE folder on your thumb drive. (Check for an update on your original HDD in your PS3 also, just to be safe.) 3. Go under, System Settings > Backup Utility. Choose the Back Up option and the Device you want to put.

8 Things You Need To Know About Backup and Restore on PS

Step one. Backup PS3 or PS4 game files. You can copy or backup saved data that is stored on the PlayStation 4 system to a USB storage device. You can also copy saved games to the cloud if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Here, we choose to save the PS4 data to a USB. Connect a USB storage device to the system * Go to System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Backup. If you have a valid target, you should be able to choose a USB device to backup to (obviously make sure the backup drive will be able to contain the data on your PS3). If you don't see this option, you did something wrong! Go figure it out! * Try to initiate the backup Insert the USB into your PS3 system, go to the SAVED DATA UTILITY folder under the GAME menu, open your USB from here, you should see the save data inside the USB now, copy it to the PS3's H

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Insert downgrade dongle into the right most USB port. Plug PS3 back in, and press power then eject. Wait for the dongle to communicate with the PS3 and the PS3 will shut off automatically. Put Rogero 3.55 v3.7 (RENAME TO PS3UPDAT.PUP) and this Lv2diag.self on the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick Since I can't power the console on, I can't use the console's backup utility. I was advised that it may be possible to connect the PS3's HDD to my PC using a serial ATA cable and access the data. When you plug your drive into another PS3, you'll find the game save in the Saved Data Utility. Update your system The PS3 is notorious for sluggish system updates that keep you waiting while a. So if there is important data on the hard drive, cancel the operation and backup them first. If not, click OK to move on. Step3.Here you can see that the Seagate external hard drive has already changed from NTFS to FAT32. Click Apply to submit the operations. That, you can unplug the Seagate external hard drive and add it to your PS3. It should.

Does the PS3 back up utility copy everything? - PlayStation

Backup Backup Get data protection for servers, workstations, applications, documents, and Microsoft 365 from one dashboard. Security EDR Defend against ransomware, zero-day attacks, and evolving threats with endpoint detection and response I was going to get rid of my ps3 before and I ended up going to format utility in the settings menu and formatted my hard drive, I decided to keep it and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get my saved game data back onto the ps3. I did not save any information to a backup device. What can I do? Can someone please help me

1) Power on your PS3 Slim. 2) Plug in your FAT32 formatted external USB drive to one of the empty USB port on your Playstation3 Slim. 3) On the XMB, choose Settings, System Settings, Backup Utility. 4) Select Backup - Stick the usb drive into one of the USB ports of your PS3 System - Start your PS3 - go to Game Data Utility (PS3) and choose your savegame - Press Triangle Button and choose Copy (allthough there is the Playstation Plus sign beside it, it works without a playstation plus account

PS3 Hard Drive Recommendation and How to Replace PS3 Hard

At all. You'll need to use a combination of the PS3 Backup Utility and manually transferring files to external storage if you want to save everything -- sure, it gets the job done, but that's a.. PS3xport is a utility for manipulating PS3 Backup archives. It can create a fully working backup from scratch, as well as extract files from existing backups or rename, delete or add new files to an Best way to back up PS3 hard drive [Deleted User] Posts: 0. Forum Member. 10/11/17 - 19:58 in PlayStation #1. I would like ideally to be able to simply attach an external HDD and run the backup utility, but I've been reading that this doesn't necessarily copy over all the data on the drive, such as game data Attach an external hard drive or thumb drive to your PS3 with the USB cable, if necessary. Go to Settings in the Cross Media Bar. Scroll down and press X on Backup Utility. Select Back Up and select the hard drive you wish to save on

3 Ways to Reset a PS3 - wikiHowHow to Backup PS4 to External Hard Drive Simply?Crasher's life: PS3 HDD Swap

Backup utility has been added as a feature under System Settings, enabling you to back up your PS3's hard disk data to storage media or restore data from storage media to the hard disk Before you remove or format your PS3 hard drive, make sure that you take its backup. For this, just go to your PlayStation's Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility and maintain a dedicated backup of your games. Once you have maintained a backup, you can remove the hard drive from the console 2. Plug in your disc and go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup Utility in your XMB. Choose Back Up and select your USB disk. The data will be saved at /PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP

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