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Peak fares are charged during business rush hours on any weekday train scheduled to arrive in NYC terminals between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. or depart NYC terminals between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. On Metro-North trains, peak fares also apply to travel on any weekday train that leaves Grand Central Terminal between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m Save on LIRR Deals and Getaway Packages! Due to COVID-19, please check for venue re-opening dates, guidelines, capacity and safety restrictions. LIRR Parking Guid Fare information for LIRR and Metro-North. Plan a point-to-point trip and click the arrow to see the fare details. Related Links. All LIRR schedules. All MNR schedules. THE MTA. About Us Contact Us Careers Transparency INFORMATION. Doing Business With Us. A joint weekly ticket (including Unlimited Ride MetroCard®) is $60.00. Purchase Options: Monthly tickets can be purchased with Pay-Per-Ride or Monthly Unlimited Ride MetroCard and can be purchased through Mail&Ride, which provides an additional 2% savings on rail fare with the purchase of an Unlimited Ride MetroCard

Please select trip information: From Statio Offer: Wine tour at the discounted price of $108 per person. Includes tastings at three wineries, full hot & cold buffet lunch and a stop at Briermere Farms. Tickets must be purchased in advance (631)775-8686. Restrictions: Must have a valid LIRR Monthly ticket and be over 21 years old with valid identification At a ticket office. Ticket offices sell all LIRR and MNR ticket types and also offer certain MetroCard options when purchased with LIRR tickets. You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, and some transit benefit cards. For LIRR tickets, you can use a personal check for monthly, weekly, and ten-trip tickets, or five or more one-way tickets Group Travel Rates . Effective March 19, 2017. One-Day Round Trip Group Fares to Penn Station One-day round trip group rates are valid for 30 persons or more traveling together on select trains Monthly, Weekly, and Other Ticket Types. Increase monthly ticket prices up to 4.3%. Increase weekly ticket prices up to 5.9%. Increase fares in an amount from 0% to 11.2% on all other ticket types (including but not limited to City Ticket and Atlantic Ticket), with any increase greater than 6% held to a maximum increase of $0.50 per trip

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  1. imum on a pay-per-ride card. You cannot transfer between the subway and the bus with this fare. If you're transferring between buses, ask the driver for a paper transfer when you board the first bus
  2. Originally Answered: What is the monthly cost of the LIRR monthly pass from Mineola to Penn Station plus an unlimited Metrocard? Presently, the monthly LIRR commuter ticket from Mineola to Penn Station with unlimited MetroCard is $382.00 ($261.00 for LIRR + $121.00 for Subway/Bus)
  3. With an average monthly ticket price of more than $334, riding the Long Island Rail Road isn't cheap. But there's a good chance you're paying more than you have to
  4. ated, and will no longer be sold from LIRR Ticket Windows and/or Ticket Machines. Effective with the sale of May 2019 monthly tickets, monthly tickets will go on sale starting on the 25th day of the previous month
  5. Jeffrey Caparella, who pays $308 for his monthly LIRR ticket from Hicksville, said the measure is not fair, and doesn't consider cash-strapped Nassau and Suffolk riders with limited commuting..

Long Island Rail Road trips come at a much higher cost than a MetroCard swipe. A single LIRR trip can cost as much as $19 and monthly passes go for hundreds of dollars depending on the length and.. Where Can I Sell My LIRR Monthly Ticket?, Long Island, 7 replies Using my monthly LIRR pass on any line, Long Island, 12 replies LIRR and Foregeting Monthly Pass, Long Island, 22 replies I have a Lirr Montly pass question, Long Island, 5 replies Overnight monthly parking (LIRR), Long Island, 6 replie LIRR ticket price increases, beginning on April 21, will vary based on distance traveled and time of day. Weekly and monthly ticket price increases will be capped at 3.85 percent MTA proposes monthly LIRR ticket hike of about 9%, Long Island, 60 replies Neck- Long Island's Favorite Geographical Term, Long Island, 13 replies Where Can I Sell My LIRR Monthly Ticket?, Long Island, 7 replies LIRR to begin Quiet Car pilot program on Far Rockaway branch, Long Island, 50 replie

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  1. LIRR monthly passes range in price from $197 to $500, and when riders stopped using the train service earlier this month due to coronavirus concerns many of them received a refund of just 50 cents. According to LIRR's refund policy, monthly passes are discounted by about 50 percent when compared to the cost of 42 one-way tickets, but the.
  2. Data show the average monthly ticket has gone from $170 in 1999 to $334.50 today, and would climb to $344 this spring under the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan to raise the fare by 4..
  3. There are a number of ticket-types that LIRR offers. To illustrate: Fares & Ticket Information Moreover, you do not indicate which educational institution (high school, vocational or college/university) you attend. For your convenience, below are.
  4. A monthly Freedom Ticket would cost $215—36% less than the combined cost of a $218 monthly LIRR pass and a monthly unlimited $116.50 MetroCard. but nearly half the price of the current LIRR.
  5. The latest LIRR fare hike, which will hit commuters' March monthly passes, increases ticket prices from 7.1 percent to 15.3 percent, depending on the trip and ticket type
  6. All things considered, LIRR president Phillip Eng said his staff has done an amazing job, and noted that 80% of monthly ticket return/refund requests have been processed

Many local residents and elected leaders say they are angry that transit officials are mulling a Long Island Rail Road fare increase amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is proposing an increase in monthly ticket prices by up to 4.3 percent, weekly tickets, by as much as 5.9 percent, and other types of ticket, by up to 11.2 percent LIRR Monthly Pass question (rail, food, yard) User Name: Remember Me: Password not the onboard price. Kinda makes sense, because I know a lot of times I'll be on trains with people who have Off-Peak tickets on a Peak train and they only have to pay the normal difference Central Railroad of New Jersey York Sea Girt NJ & NY Monthly Ticket Book 3 1950s - 60s LIRR Long Island Railroad Lindenhurst New York NY Tickets Brooklyn $19.9 LIRR & Metro-North. Monthly, Weekly, and Other Ticket Types. Increase monthly ticket prices up to 4.3 percent. Increase weekly ticket prices up to 5.9 percent. Increase fares from zero percent to.

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The price is hefty. You buy a monthly in zone 7 for $254 and you forgot your ticket it costs you $36 peak round trip. The old policy was good. It was good one time only per month. Using my monthly LIRR pass on any line, Long Island, 12 replies LIRR Monthly Pass question, Long Island, 20 replie AirTrain is affordable. Use a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard and pay $5 per ride.; Buy the Unlimited Ride MetroCard for AirTrain for $40, and pay less than $1 per ride.. Children under 5 ride free. The $40 Unlimited Ride MetroCard for AirTrain is the only reduced fee MetroCard for AirTrain. If you use the LIRR, subway, or a local bus to connect to or from AirTrain, you must also pay the applicable fare

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Monthly passes, while seemingly expensive at the onset, almost always wind up being way cheaper than paying the one-way fares, as do any other monthly transit passes. But there is a break-even point, especially if you do not ride roundtrip at leas.. I think I may still have my March 2020 monthly ticket somewhere. For those folks still riding the railroad on a regular basis and still purchasing a monthly pass, how can they justify significant cuts in service while charging the same price? The LIRR/MTA needs new leadership so it can evolve in a post-covid worl The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is proposing an increase in monthly ticket prices by up to 4.3 percent; weekly tickets, by as much as 5.9 percent; and other types of tickets, by up to 11. There are 3 ways to get from Huntington Station to Mineola Station (LIRR) by train, taxi or car. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner

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The price of an extension of ride for a weekly or monthly ticket is the price of a one way (peak/off peak) ticket between the ticketed zone and the desired zone, rounded up to the nearest dollar. The price of an extension of ride for a one way or round trip ticket is the difference between the desired ticket price and the one you have, rounded. For the rest of the 1970s the LIRR used the Punch monthly and weekly ticket type-allowing just one round trip per day-until November 1980 when Display tickets began to be sold by the LIRR. These Display tickets had a large horizontal format for the monthly and a vertical format for the weekly. These tickets were roughly the size of US. Re: Monthly LIRR ticket to the city? Mine is $267 from Ronkonokoma to Penn. I use Wage Works, I get $110 taken out of my check before tax and the rest taken out after taxes. So when I get my ticket each month it just use the credit card they gave me. I don't have to put in anything extra. Posted 11/15/07 11:42 A Thousands of current Queens LIRR commuters currently pay a premium single, weekly or monthly price for a ticket. If you also reduce their fares to equal the Metro Card or OMNY, the MTA will lose.

Few remember a brief period later in the 1980's when the LIRR offered a one-year ticket, which arrived monthly. By prepaying for your monthly pass one year in advance, you received a 4 percent. Hi, anyone know if the LIRR actually has passes for my schedule. I have classes over the summer but its not every day classes, just Tuesdays and Thursdays. After my class ends, I need to head back to Penn station. Anyone know what kind of ticket/plan I should get? Thank Due to the inflated ticket prices of the LIRR the service should be outstanding, but it's the exact opposite. According to the article, LIRR Commuters Decry Quality Amid Fare Hikes (Fincham, 2018) From 2007 to 2017, monthly pass ticket fares from Mineola to Penn Station have increased by 31.8 percent while commuters say trains regularly. Mail&Ride. Our ticket-by-mail subscription service saves you 2 percent on rail travel when you purchase a joint Monthly Ticket/Monthly Unlimited MetroCard. Manage your account online and pay several easy ways. Visit our Mail&Ride page for details or call 511, say LIRR - then say Mail&Ride at the prompt

The Long Island Rail Road (reporting mark LI), often abbreviated as the LIRR, is a commuter rail system in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of New York, stretching from Manhattan to the eastern tip of Suffolk County on Long Island.With an average weekday ridership of 354,800 passengers in 2016, it is the busiest commuter railroad in North America.. The MTA eTix app allows customers on MNR's Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines and all LIRR branches to purchase tickets on their phones.-----Never use a vending machine or wait in line again when purchasing your rail ticket for Metro-North Railroad or Long Island Rail Road. Your phone is the ticket machine. Better yet, your phone is the ticket A ride extention is when you have a ticket from zone 2 to zone 3 and you want to go to zone 1, you get charged zone 2 to zone 1. Example: I have a monthly commutation from Fordham to White Plains. Today I want to go from White Plains to GCT. During off peak hours this would be the the price of an off peak ticket A monthly ticket will go from the current price of $274 to $299 and weekly from $87.75 to $95.75. For senior citizens the price of a one-way ticket increases from $6 to $6.75 Long Island Rail Road. Ridership Book, 2017. Metro-North, Hudson and Harlem Line Fares. Barone, Vincent. LIRR's Atlantic Ticket to slash prices for 10 Brooklyn and Queens Stations, AM New York. May 23, 2018

So, the LIRR has made a few encouraging moves recently (at least pre-pandemic), most notably by slashing zone 3 fares and voting to keep extending the Atlantic Ticket. They seem to have realized, probably too late, that the fares simply cost too much Many local residents and elected leaders say they are angry that transit officials are mulling a Long Island Rail Road fare increase amid the coronavirus pandemic

To save money, buy before boarding at a ticket machine or staffed LIRR Ticket Window, since tickets bought onboard the train cost up to $6.50 more than the station price. Monthly and weekly. Search For Prices With Us. Search For Prices. Find It Here Price is a huge factor that explains why so many people choose the slower, more crowded option. A subway trip costs $2.75, including transfers — less if you use an unlimited pass — while an LIRR trip from Queens to Manhattan can cost four times as much during rush hour. At that price, the LIRR is a luxury that many Queens residents can't. Under the MTA's NYC Outer Borough Rail Discount plan, which was announced last week, full-price fares for monthly tickets will be reduced by 20 percent for LIRR travel entirely within Queens. You obviously save more on the monthly ticket but that may not fit everyone's price range. According to the Long Island Railroad's website, a monthly train ticket from zone 10, which is farther out east, to zone 1, which is Manhattan, is $377. A weekly train ticket on the other hand is around $120

Under one scheme proposed in the survey, a monthly intra-NYC LIRR pass with transfers would cost $116.50, the same price as a 30-day unlimited MetroCard. Currently, monthly LIRR passes for outer. Simply follow the steps below to apply. We'll issue you a personalized Hop card that lets you ride buses, MAX, WES, Portland Streetcar and C-TRAN for $1.25 for a single ride, $2.50 for a day pass or $28 for a month pass. That's 50% to 72% less than Adult fare Answer 1 of 10: Not that I would do this, or even reccomend it. But I am very curious by nature, and would really like to know! LOL We recently bought a ticket on the Long Island Railroad for a one way trip into the city from JFK. We bought the ticket from an..


Throughout the season, Splish Splash offers special family discounts and deals on water park ticket prices. There are many kid-friendly events all through summer that makes a visit to Splish Splash that much better! Get discount water park tickets when you visit with a group of 15 or more with group sales group sales! Children age 2 and under. 過去の車両 電車. m1型; 機関車 客車. c1型; 乗車券と運賃制度. lirrの運賃制度はいくつかの駅を1つにまとめたゾーン制で、同じゾーン内の移動は距離にかかわらず均一、ゾーンを跨ぐごとに運賃が高くなっていく仕組みとなっている 。 lirrには8個のゾーンがあり、ゾーン1はジャマイカ駅以西の. Some nyc residents would love to have city ticket prices during weekdays off peak. I am sure the same theory that the LIRR would be overloaded with mostly queens/BK riders. or come up with a discounted weekly pass instead of just offering a monthly pass. Something like $60.00 a week seems reasonable to me for a weekly pass in some cases A $5.50 MetroCard is available with a round-trip ticket, and a $50 MetroCard is available with a monthly pass. In addition, the machines sell separate $25 MetroCards. TVMs at Jamaica station and Penn Station sell AirTrain JFK monthly passes on the back of LIRR tickets. All cards sold from these machines are of thick paper stock, not the normal. Long Island Rail Road [LIRR] reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 24, 2010. The latest review Schedule was posted on May 1, 2021. The latest complaint incompetence was resolved on Jun 22, 2013. Long Island Rail Road [LIRR] has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 187 reviews

Eng added, The patterns have changed. I'm noticing, as we expected, more single trip ticket purchases, a lot more 10 trip ticket purchases— the typical monthly commuter, going in five days. What to Know. A new poll has found LIRR riders are deeply unsatisfied with the transit service; The comptroller of Nassau County George Maragos threatened to delay a $28 million payment to the MTA.

Proposed Changes to MTA Fares, Crossing Charges, and

Under the pilot, riders would've been able to buy single one-way tickets, weekly or monthly passes valid for both subway and LIRR trains. Fares will be more expensive than MetroCard rates, but. The exact price hike will depend on how far a commuter travels. A monthly ticket will go up by no more than $15 — anyone paying $460 or more per month will not see an increase — and weekly tickets.. The average price of a monthly ticket for the Long Island Rail Road can cost upwards of $400 per month. In this bleak financial landscape, MTA Chairman Pat Foye recently announced plans to deploy.. The LIRR charges $311 for a monthly ticket to make the 38-mile run between Smithtown and Jamaica. NJ Transit charges $299 a month for the 39-mile trip between Princeton Junction and Newark NEW YORK, N.Y. — Monthly ticket holders for the LIRR can look forward to a few summer perks beginning in June. MTA Long Island Railroad will begin a Summer Saturdays program, set to begin.

75 minutes A one-way peak ticket is $14; a monthly pass is $267, or $261.66 for passes purchased online A passenger taking a train from Hicksville, L.I., would pay $227 for a monthly ticket, down from $297. A one-way peak-hour ticket from Babylon will drop to $11.75, from $16, according to the MTA. mt Ticket Price: $25 Per Person Join us for a very special visit and tour of two important maintenance facilities operated by LIRR in the New York metropolitan region. The ticket price of $25 includes transportation between Jamaica Station and Hillside and the tour of the Hillside and Morris Park facilities Freedom Ticket will give riders the option to purchase a single, weekly, or monthly subway and railroad passes for less than the original fare prices

The Ronkonkoma Long Island Rail Road station is home to 7,000 daily cars fighting over 6,000 parking spots A monthly ticket between Mineola and Penn Station used to cost $178 in 2007. It will cost $261 beginning in April. For Ronkonkoma commuters, a monthly pass cost $267 ten years ago. It's going up to $391 Tickets will vary in price depending on the day and time that you are traveling, which you can view on the trip planner. You can purchase single ride, round trip, monthly passes and several other options; Once you purchase your ticket, you will look up at the big screen that tells you what time your train is arriving and what track it is on

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LIRR offers both the $5.50 Round-Trip (2 rides) separately or on Round-Trip ticket types. If bought separately, a $1 fee will apply ($6.50 total cost ). Round-Trip tickets may be purchased with a $5.50 MetroCard on the reverse side If you elect to have the entire cost of your monthly pass deducted from your pay and sent to Metro-North or LIRR, you can decide if you want to provide an alternate form of payment to the agency. If you provide an alternate form of payment to the agency, the agency will only charge you directly if the amount they received from HealthEquity was. The coronavirus crisis has sunk ridership on the Long Island Rail Road by more than 70% and on Metro-North by nearly 80%. 'New Realities' Advocacy organizations are now encouraging the MTA to consider adopting more flexible commuter rail passes, since monthly tickets will be used less frequently with many customers expected to keep work. Far Rockaway LIRR Schedule TIP: If you do not see a direct route from your location, try clicking a trip's origin station to search for a connecting transfer. Date Ticket Price: Free. The ticket price for the LIRR East Side Access Project Tour is now free! As was the case with the Coney Island tour earlier this year, the MTA has instituted new security procedures for visits to its facilities by groups such as ours

The LIRR blames track work at Penn Station for the decline. Railroad officials say the summer-long Amtrak work cost them about 400,000 passengers in the Summer of Hell The hike, which was approved back in January, will officially go into effect on March 19, 2017 and apply to all ticket purchases: from one-way and roundtrip tickets to weekly and monthly passes. The adjusted ticket will also help the MTA fill out underused LIRR trains, which find about 20,000 empty seats during an average peak trip from Jamaica to Penn Station Riders in Hicksville said they pay more than $200 per month on monthly passes. Fares are set to go up by 4 percent next month. LIRR crews fixing this morning's broken rail by Westbury

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