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  1. Rockafella - Precast concrete step that looks like granite The good looks of granite have been combined with the efficiency of pre-cast concrete to provide homeowners with what they wantThe unmanufactured look in a step that can be installed without the customer having to prepare a base for the step
  2. I was implored to save this nasty and very old concrete porch. It would cost many $ to replace. I used an acid to clean off a hundred years of gunk. I used a diamond bladed Roto-Zip and carved the cracks into vines and leaves. I use concrete acid stain to color the leaves and vines. Then topped the whole thing with an outdoor wet-look concrete.
  3. EZ Stain founder, Dean Hilbert, explains the process of patching holes and jagged edges while simultaneously mixing small batches of concrete and stain prior..
  4. Back Steps. Concrete steps that look like stone. Saved by Jodie Hummer. 24. Back Steps Front Steps Backyard Hill Landscaping Landscaping Ideas Outside Steps Stair Railing Design Concrete Stone Diy House Projects Garden Paths

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Concrete countertop stamping and staining options guides making concrete look like granite mycoffeepot org how to make concrete countertops look like granite pictures of how to make a concrete countertop look like natural stone icoat making concrete look like granite mycoffeepot org metallic epoxy floor coating for a truly one of kind What I like about precast concrete steps. THE NATURAL LOOK - The Textured concrete molds combined with the colored concrete being used when building precast steps gives them such a natural look, it's very difficult to tell if the steps are concrete or real granite, fieldstone, or brick.. THE MULTIPLE WIDTHS - The standard widths for precast stairs varies from 3 feet wide to 8 feet wide Use this coating to transform weathered concrete surfaces into a decorative granite look with a protective long-lasting finish. STEP 1 Clean and etch surfaces until it feels like 150 grit sandpaper Apply the Stain to the Concrete Some concrete stains have more than one step to them, such as a dry powder followed by a liquid activator. This is more likely to be the case in the commercial acid etching concrete stain. To get a wider choice in color, go with a do-it-yourself stain that simply sprays, spreads or rolls on

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There is no limit to the number of things you can try to apply paint so as to resemble flecks of stone. You can use a spatter brush, etc. If you desire you can add two top coats of water base polyurethane. Gloss will make it look more like polished stone STEP 1 - MIX BUCKETS OF GRANITE GRIP For the very first step, you have to prep your Granite Grip by mixing the buckets of color together to ensure that your color for your entire surface will be uniform. STEP 2 - COAT CRACKS Once you mix your Granite Grip, you pour some in a smaller container and use a brush to coat all your cracks Very large sets of steps may require a concrete pad. The ultimate base, however, is a 6-inch-thick concrete pad on top of a properly prepared gravel pad. The gravel pad will stay compacted while allowing water to drain properly to guard against frost heaves. The concrete pad adds a solid, level area that makes setting the granite steps easier To give the shiny look of granite, sprinkle the included minerals onto a sponge. Then gently pat the sponge onto the primed surface to make random mineral marks. Keep the application random and natural-looking just like a granite stone

Rockafella - Precast concrete step that looks like granite

So I decided I'd make stepping stones that would look like real fieldstone, using concrete of course. It's much cheaper to make your own stepping stones than to buy actual stepping stones, especially if you have them installed. Making my own concrete stepping stones required less prep work with the ground because the concrete is self-leveling There are several steps and layers when you paint a faux granite countertop. You will have a base color and one or more accent colors. Make sure the chosen granite colors complement the room. Follow the instructions of your kit or your tutorial for creating the granite pattern

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Because concrete will take the shape of virtually any form or mold it is cast into it's possible to produce the look of stone, rope edges, vines, and more. Here are a few resources for countertop forms & molds. Contractors can also make edge forms themselves, creating whatever design their client desires Contact Us. Means Precast Company, Inc. 151 Adams Street Braintree, MA 02184 Phone: (781) 843-1909 sales@meansprecast.co When you think of concrete countertops, this might be the first image that pops into your mind. This is about as traditional as you can get. The countertop is understated and the color resembles what a crayon called concrete slab would look like. If you want the basic concrete look, you can definitely make it work

Before you junk your existing concrete countertops, however, consider a very realistic painted finish that may satisfy your longing for granite without the cost. Mix two parts of water and one part.. To make concrete though which will greatly extend the volume produced you mix in gravel or sand or crushed brick. Proportions are an endless subject of debate but the formula of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 3 parts gravel by volume is a good starting point Other than having a true marble slab, the most natural-looking and durable marble-like option is to use concrete Acid Stain. Unlike paint, concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, producing fade-resistant, permanent color that won't flake off or peel away

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  1. g, Michigan
  2. At Granite Garage Floors our only business is upgrading garage floors with an industrial coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Granite™. Gone are the days of drab, unsealed concrete or gray painted garage floors that easily stain and peel from hot-tires
  3. Decorative Concrete University is a revolutionary online learning platform developed the decorative concrete industry. Our instructors have decades of combined experience installing decorative coatings. Each course provides detailed video tutorials that show you at your own pace how to make concrete look like wood, marble, granite, tile and more
  4. imum, a stoop consists of a single step of natural stone, poured concrete, concrete block or other masonry, or wood. The most historical materials are stone and wood, with concrete beco

How To Build Natural DG Pathways Like A PRO (and how to avoid disaster) [Blog] Featuring: G3 - Pathway Stabilizer & G3 - Commercial Surface A FORK IN THE ROAD, AND NOT A MINUTE TOO SPOON. This is your helpful guide to demystifying the art of natural pathway construction for the residential landscape. It is much easier than you may think Step 1: Etch the concrete. This process roughens the concrete to improve adhesion of the paint. I bought my concrete etch at Bunnings. You mix it up with water in a bucket, then slosh it on and use a stiff-bristled broom to kind of sweep it round and cover the whole surface

If you've been following along for a while, then you might remember that we've been working on projects to fix up the exterior of our house since the spring. I shared the whole before of our exterior as well as our plans to improve it early in the season. So far we have worked Read More about How to Transform an Old, Tired, Cracked Concrete Pati It still looks great today, even after the snow and ice that was on it. The way I kept the spray paint from getting into the other areas was by keeping the spray paint can pretty close to the concrete. And even if it did get into some of the other areas I didn't mind because I mixed the colors every so often to make it look more like stones. Delet Step 5b: Apply metal flakes to granite and quartz coatings. You can quickly and easily get metal flakes at any craft store or shop for them online using Amazon for around $10.Doing so offers added.

Concrete steps that look like stone

I was blown away by how easy it was to mimic the look of a marble slab—at a tenth of the cost. Everyone is amazed by the transformation. You'd have to look closely to see my mistakes that give it away: a pair of drips down one edge and a slight orange peel texture in the corner from overworking the topcoat When I painted my counters back in 2016, they only sold one, the White Diamond Granite Kit that I tweaked to look like marble. If you want the look of marble, I would use the new Carrara Marble Painting Kit as it will look even more like real marble than what I was able to create using the White Diamond Granite Kit TracSafe locks firmly onto all kinds of flooring materials, indoors and out. From concrete, patio stones and pavers, to slippery fieldstone, linoleum and even ceramic tile, you can make numerous slippery surfaces safer in just a day. Treat slippery steps, walkways and wet pool decks, to garage and workshop floors, entrances, shower floors and more Concrete Steps. Stamped Concrete. 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer Contemporary fire pit on exterior wall the looks like a piece of artistic work a la garden art. #garden #firepit #style is a mixture of peat moss, perlite, cement and water. It's easy to make your own concrete planters! Cement Art. Concrete Crafts. Steps to Fix the Discoloration: If the oil darkens the counter and you like the look, use Stone Color Enhancer to make it permanent. First, make sure the area is clean and free from debris or residue. I'm afraid concrete will have unwanted affects on it unless you cover the granite and seperately make concrete countertops to sit on the.

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Steps for Cutting Granite. Set up granite on a stable work surface and clamp it down. Measure and mark the cut line. To minimize chip-out, cover the cut line with blue tape. Remeasure and mark the tape. If using a circular saw, blue-tape the shoe of the saw to minimize the risk of metal-on-granite scratching. If using a grinder DO NOT remove. The most important step in cleaning it is to evaluate it for damage. Even a stone as hard as granite can sustain additional damage if you clean it. If the stone has any integrity issues, you shouldn't clean it. It may make the situation worse. You will also want to make sure the monument is stable How to Make Concrete Countertops Look Like Granite Just like granite, concrete is a type of masonry that is very commonly used for countertops. One of the major advantages of concrete over natural stones like granite is that it is much less expensive and can be produced easily . There is no doubt that concrete [ The DIY friendly, faux granite painting kit can make almost any surface—from plastic laminate and solid surface countertops to mantels and tabletops—look like granite. The low odor, water-based polymer resin is made from automotive grade polymers for added durability

Make Concrete Look Like “Granite” — Stonehaven Life

This concrete porch was covered with granite with another granite step leading to the door. View fullsize 11-foot-wide granite steps replaced wooden steps to create a classic look Step by step instructions for painting formica countertops to look like Granite, with a Giani countertop paint kit. Kitchen DIY for $100

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  1. A simple 3-step process with all tools included, each kit will help you transform your existing countertops to the look of natural granite in just one weekend. Kit Includes: 12 oz. IronCore Primer-Base Coat, 6 oz. Greystone, 6 oz. Quartzite, 8 oz. White Limestone, 3 oz. White Limestone, 16 oz. Glitter Topcoat, 6 Giani Roller Arm and 2 Roller.
  2. The EHT staff came across an interesting paint system at the 2009 National Hardware Show that offered a way to decorate an existing countertop surface to look like granite. The product is called Gianni and it includes a kit that covers approximately 35 square feet of countertop—that's roughly 16 running feet of standard 24-inch wide countertops
  3. With quartz that looks like concrete, such as Midnight Corvo Quartz, your kitchen or bathroom will project a bold, neutral-toned black backdrop with understated cool white veining. Apart from its marble-like complexion, Midnight Corvo Quartz offers a textured finish which makes it more unique than most polished quartz countertops you see
  4. First, lay lath over the landing and steps, and use tin snips to trim sections for the sides that overlap the steps by 2 inches. Before cutting it, make sure the lath is oriented correctly: with the cheese-grater-like cups facing up so that the scales feel rough as you run your hand away from the door and down the side
  5. Hi, I'm Jeff Girard. I built my first concrete countertop in 1999. Back then, I didn't have a guide to follow, or have beautiful step by step DIY concrete countertop instructions like you have here.. However, what I did have was a civil engineering degree, and a passion to create something beautiful for my kitchen
  6. imize the risk of damage to finished cabinets or appliances
  7. ates can copy any look of any surface

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  1. Now the DIY concrete countertops will dry overnight and they will be ready for the sealer! More on the sealer in the next post (completion photos posted here as well). Most of all, I love the industrial look the DIY Concrete Countertops add to the kitchen and especially the variation and imperfections in the surface (of course!)
  2. DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. Concrete countertops are on-trend right now, for many people even replacing the granite that was the elite countertop material of choice for the last 10-20 years. You may or may not be aware that you can replicate the look of concrete kitchen countertops with a concrete underlayment called Ardex Feather Finish, spread onto existing.
  3. The original grey color of the concrete hearth looked off and the builder never finished off the edges so it was time to finally get it the way I always imagined. With the help of some craft paint, sealer and AirStone, I was able to make the hearth look like it perfectly belongs with the new stone fireplace. BEFORE: Fireplace Heart
  4. How to Paint Plastic to Look like concrete. The most inexpensive and easiest way to paint anything to look like concrete! #fauxconcrete #springplanters #dollarstorediy #dollartree #dollartreecrafts #dollarstorefinds #springdecor #concretefinish #springcraft
  5. Just make sure you reinforce them properly if people are going to be walking above them or they are holding up something important like your house! Look at the height of the wall. If it's greater than 4 foot and you can't push back another 4-8 feet to make the next wall, or the combined height is more maybe 20 feet, than you'll probably have to.

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Luckily, you can have the look of a marble floor without the hassle by painting a faux marble finish on concrete. Sweep and Vacuum. To achieve a finish that resembles real marble, you must start with clean concrete. Begin by sweeping the concrete floor. Pay special attention to the corners and the edges, where the walls meet the concrete Steps to Recoating A Garage Floor. Now that everything is prepped, your garage floor is ready for coating. Granite Grip covers 50 sq. ft. per gallon. For our two car garage, we used 8 gallons of Ornamental Gem, but there are many natural-looking color options. Make sure to regularly stir the aggregate/flakes suspended in the paint solution

Use a plate compactor (rent for roughly $60 a day) to tamp down the rock. Remember, make sure to pick a rock - like decomposed granite - that compacts well but doesn't pack too tightly for water to get through. Run the compactor over the surface several times, checking for humps and slope For classes and training check out the Concrete Countertop Institute. I like the look, feel and durability of concrete counter tops. This video goes into considerable detail on how to make your own mold from readily available material, how to mix and pour the concrete and how to install the finished product on a standard bathroom vanity base Faux granite countertop painting kits, such as those from Giani, can give worn or dated plastic laminate kitchen countertops the look of real stone. Granite countertop painting kits include everything you need to transform your countertops, including: primer, liquid minerals, clear topcoat, foam brush, roller, sponge, and instructions It was a step up from laminate and tile, but Corian lacked the shine and wow factor of granite. Throughout the 2000s, granite began popping up in more and more mid-level and entry-level homes. It also started to replace marble countertops in luxury homes, as granite offered enhanced durability and stain resistance The mere fact that other surfaces go to great lengths to make their product look like granite speaks to its magnificence; Granite is clean! According to The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, Granite has been shown to be over 150 times more bacteria resistant that most surfaces. That includes tile, wood, concrete and plastic.

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  1. eral/dye finish that can be applied on top of the countertop and.
  2. ate to granite countertops, applying the right cleaning techniques will give your countertops back their shine. See tips for putting a fresh shine on old countertops and instantly improve the look of your kitchen
  3. For water-based stains from coffee, juice, and wine, put a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste over the stain and follow the same steps as with the oil-based stain remover. Granite should also avoid certain products like harsh cleaners; abrasive scrubbers and sponges; and acids like vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia

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Jan 28, 2017 - If your patio is looking like it's seen better days you're in luck! Our new concrete coating, Granite Grip will refresh the look of your worn concrete Stamped Concrete. Stamping concrete will transform a standard slab of concrete to look like natural stone or pavers. This curved concrete walkway is stamped and stained which emphasizes the stone veneer throughout the façade. The warm brown tone of the stain is an ideal fit with the color pallet of the homes hardscape Right from the look to even the feel and texture. So, we can say that decomposed granite is nothing but reddish gravel. If you're lucky, you'll get decomposed granite which has tiny spots that gleam in the sunlight, and make your pathway look like it is studded with little diamonds. Decomposed granite has two main uses

Concrete Steps & Stairways - Stamped & Colored Concrete

How to Make Concrete Look Like Marble - 7 Easy Steps to Follo

You know that templating and then forming are basic steps in concrete countertop making. But have you thought about the very important, but often neglected, step of slab layout?Slab layout should be carefully considered, first on a practical level and then on an aesthetic level Whatever size, style, or material you'd like, Lakeshore Guys ® can build it. Here are just some of the stairs and staircases we build: Concrete prefabricated steps. Many colors and blends available. (Our #1 best-seller.) Natural granite steps; Natural ledgestone steps; Natural-sawn boulder steps: bluestone, granite, and more; Natural.

How to Make a Concrete Floor Look Like Granite Hunke

And, our custom molds, handrails and architectural accents ensure that each step is uniform and meets the highest standards. What's more, unlike concrete steps manufactured on-site, our precast steps are less likely to settle, will look beautiful for a very long time, and offer superior strength, flexibility and ease of installation It feels nice when you touch it, and the color will look like it was promised by a manufacturer. This product is appropriate for interior, exterior, and horizontal surfaces, so if it is in your plans to paint only your porch but also other areas in your house, you should consider buying INSL-X as well Beautiful, durable and nonslip what more could you want from a concrete surface that dazzles its beholders? Sparkle Grain is a way to expose brilliant sparkle on surfaces that look like a sea of diamonds when sunlight or streetlights hit it, says Tom Ralston, president of Tom Ralston Concrete in Santa Cruz, who's been using the product to dress up otherwise ordinary slabs for 20.

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Using a long, straight board, you now screed across the concrete with a sawing motion. This pushes the concrete into the form more and levels everything out. There will be spots where the screed board will come up to the wire ties, at this point you can just lift over them and continue screeding I love a good Dollar Tree makeover, so when I saw a variety of plastic planters at my local store I knew right away I wanted to give them a concrete inspired makeover.With just a few simple supplies (that I had on hand!) I was able to give plastic planters the perfect faux concrete look The concrete can be formed and poured to create whatever shape you desire. With stamped concrete, there's no cutting and no wasting of excess materials. So if you love the look of stone, but the price of gives you sticker shock, stamped concrete is an affordable way to recreate the same look

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