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arXiv:gr-qc/9310026 (or arXiv:gr-qc/9310026v2 for this version) Submission history From: Gerard 't Hooft Tue, 19 Oct 1993 14:17:10 UTC (14 KB) [v2] Fri, 20 Mar 2009 21:49:19 UTC (14 KB) Full-text links: Download: PDF; PostScript; Other formats . Current browse context: gr-qc. Authors: Gerard 't Hooft Download PDF Abstract: Although the suspicion that quantum mechanics is emergent has been lingering for a long time, only now we begin to understand how a bridge between classical and quantum mechanics might be squared with Bell's inequalities and other conceptual obstacles Getting the mathematical rules for quantised black holes correctly is far from straightforward. Many earlier treatises got it not quite correctly. The general relativistic transformation linking the distant observer (who only detects particles outside the hole) with the observations of a local observer (who falls into a black hole) must map the quantum states in a one-to-one way. This does not. Gerardus (Gerard) ' t Hooft (Dutch: [ˈɣeːrɑrt ət ˈɦoːft]; born July 5, 1946) is a Dutch theoretical physicist and professor at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics with his thesis advisor Martinus J. G. Veltman for elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions

Gerard 't Hooft. Some real progress was made. What I sent to the arXiv here is now the second version; various small or even more elaborate corrections are still to be expected. I found that comments of colleagues, even the most insulting ones, were actually useful to enable me to formulate the details of this theory more precisely.. Recently Gerard 't Hooft proposed a structure for a universe overwhelmed with a control by a Theory of Everything (arXiv:1709.02874). He concludes, among many other things, that such a universe could be fully deterministic and that, accordingly, the divine intervention will be eliminated. Here I discuss such a possibility and show that a fully deterministic universe will turn out to become the. 't Hooft, Gerard Abstract After a pedagogical overview of the present status of High-Energy Physics, some problems concerning physics at the Planck scale are formulated, and an introduction is given to a notion that became known as the holographic principle in Planck scale physics, which is arrived at by studying quantum mechanical features. Tijd in machten van Tien , door Gerard 't Hooft en Stefan Vandoren, Uitgave Natuurwetenschap & Techniek, onderdeel van Uitgeverij Veen Magazines B.V. Time in Powers of Ten , by G. 't Hooft and Stefan Vandoren, translated by Saskia 't Hooft - Eisberg. World Scientific There are no 't Hooft's ontological bases Fred Singer informed me about a huge, 202-page-long quant-ph paper by Gerard 't Hooft (via Physics arXiv Blog) The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. A View on the Quantum Nature of our Universe, Compulsory or Impossible

50 Years of Yang-Mills Theory, Ed. G. 't Hooft, World Scientific 2005, ISBN 981-238-934-2 / 981-256-007-6 (pbk) Kronkels in ruimte en tijd, quantummechanica, en het landschap der snaren. The Holographic Mapping of the Standard Model onto the Black Hole Horizon, Part I : Abelian Vector Field, Scalar Field and BEH Mechanism, Class First proposed by Gerard 't Hooft, it was given a precise string-theory interpretation by Leonard Susskind, who combined his ideas with previous ones of 't Hooft and Charles Thorn arXiv:1112.1811v2 [quant-ph] 23 Jan 2012 ITP-UU-11/43 Gerard 't Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physics Utrecht University and Spinoza Institute Postbox 80.195 3508 TD Utrecht, the Netherland

Physicist Gerard 't Hooft writes, When a paper is published in viXra, it is usually a sign that it is not likely to contain acceptable results. It may, but the odds against that are considerable Gerard t Hooft In the early 1970s, after a slow start, and lots of hurdles, Quantum Field Theory emerged as the superior doctrine for understanding the interactions between relativistic sub-atomic. That's the conclusion of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gerard 't Hooft, who says this also means that quantum mechanics is a deterministic theory. The key new feature of this deterministic model is..

arXiv:physics/0611143v1 [physics.hist-ph] 15 Nov 2006 Holographic Views of the World On the Occasion of Gerard 't Hooft's 60th Birthday This note has been written on the occasion of Gerard 't Hooft's 60th birthday celebration. It is not a technical paper but just a collection of discussions that the three authors had wit Gerard 't Hooft. Publication date 2000-05-16 Collection arxiv; additional_collections; journals Language English. urn:arXiv:hep-th/0003005 Identifier arxiv-hep-th0003005 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t11p08s4t Ocr ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.3.2 Sourc Gerard 't Hooft. Publication date 2002-12-16 Collection arxiv; additional_collections; journals. urn:arXiv:quant-ph/0212095 Identifier arxiv-quant-ph0212095 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t2796b020 Ocr ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.3.2 Sourc CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): After a pedagigical overview of the present status of High-Energy Physics, some problems concerning physics at the Planck scale are formulated, and an introduction is given to a notion that became known as the holographic principle in Planck scale physics, which is arrived at by studying quantum mechanical.

[gr-qc/9310026] Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Gravit

arXiv:hep-th/0405032v1 4 May 2004 ITP-UU-04/13 SPIN-04/07 hep-th/0405032 RENORMALIZATION WITHOUT INFINITIES ∗ Gerard 't Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physic Gerard 't Hooft has been a renegade in Quantum Foundations for quite some time, insisting that there is natural order underlying the Quantum Mechanical mysteries. Essentially a local, deterministic hidden variable perspective. He has recently posted a new paper on arXiv where he lays out his conclusions, on his website he say In the early 1970s, after a slow start, and lots of hurdles, Quantum Field Theory emerged as the superior doctrine for understanding the interactions between.. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Without invalidating quantum mechanics as a principle underlying the dynamics of a fundamental theory, it is possible to ask for even more basic dynamical laws that may yield quantum mechanics as the machinery needed for its statistical analysis. In conventional systems such as the Standard model for quarks and.

arXiv:1403.0198v1 [hep-th] 2 Mar 2014 The Scalar Field Effective Action for The also been explained by Gerard t'Hooft [2]. In the t'Hooft formalism, four scalar fields in the t'Hooft mechanism and therefore has to be decoupled through a different way. The proposal is to define a coupling between the matter fields and a ne arXiv:1509.01695v1 [gr-qc] 5 Sep 2015 ITP-UU-15/12 Diagonalizingthe BlackHoleInformation RetrievalProcess Gerard 't Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physic arXiv:2103.04335 (replaced) [pdf, ps, other] Title: Explicit construction of Local Hidden Variables for any quantum theory up to any desired accuracy Authors: Gerard t Hooft Monopoles, Instantons, and Confinement by Gerard 't Hooft, 1999 lectures at Saalburg, arXiv:hep-th/0010225 [second semester]. Magnetic monopoles, Duality, and SUSY (1995 Trieste lectures by Jeffrey Harvey) CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Early developments leading to renormalizable non-Abelian gauge theories for the weak, electromagnetic and strong interactions, are discussed from a personal viewpoint. They drastically improved our view of the role of field theory, symmetry and topology, as well as other branches of mathematics, in the world of.

[1308.1007] The Fate of the Quantum - arXiv.or

Later, in 1993, Gerard 't Hooft wrote a speculative paper on quantum gravity in which he revisited Hawking's work on black hole thermodynamics, concluding that the total number of degrees of freedom in a region of spacetime surrounding a black hole is proportional to the surface area of the horizon Authors: Gerard 't Hooft (Submitted on 17 Mar 2015) Abstract: In the early 1970s, after a slow start, and lots of hurdles, Quantum Field Theory emerged as the superior doctrine for understanding the interactions between relativistic sub-atomic particles induced from 't Hooft's Coarse Graining classification of primor-dial states at the Planck scale. PACS numbers: 02.10, 03.65,04.60 1 Introduction Recently , Gerard't Hooft postulated that there should be a dissipative deterministic theory underlying quantum gravity at the so called Planck scale[1,2]

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Submission history From: Gerard Hooft 't [] Wed, 7 May 2014 09:46:28 GMT (332kb,D) Tue, 10 Jun 2014 11:40:31 GMT (335kb,D) [v3] Mon, 21 Dec 2015 15:58:27 GMT (425kb,D Authors: Gerard `t Hooft (Submitted on 14 Sep 2018 ( v1 ), last revised 30 Sep 2018 (this version, v2)) Abstract: It is explained that, for black holes much heavier than the Planck mass, black hole microstates can be well understood without string theory Authors: Gerard 't Hooft (Submitted on 30 Oct 2010) Abstract: Perturbative canonical quantum gravity is considered, when coupled to a renormalizable model for matter fields

Authors: Gerard 't Hooft (Submitted on 4 Dec 2013) Abstract: Most classical mechanical systems are based on dynamical variables whose values are real numbers. Energy conservation is then guaranteed if the dynamical equations are phrased in terms of a Hamiltonian function, which then leads to differential equations in the time variable. arXiv:1804.05744v1 [gr-qc] 16 Apr 2018 What happens in a black hole when a particle meets its antipode Gerard 't Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physic

(or arXiv:1604.06257v1 [hep-th] for this version) Submission history From: Gerard Hooft 't [v1] Thu, 21 Apr 2016 11:09:58 GMT (16kb) Which authors of this paper are endorsers? | Disable MathJax (What is MathJax?) Link back to: arXiv, form interface, contact. About; Hel 1. Introduction. Numerous attempts to reconcile General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics appear to lead to descriptions of space and time at the Planck scale where notions such Several researchers, including Leonid Levin, Gerard 't Hooft, and Stephen Wolfram, have argued that quantum mechanics will break down before the factoring of large numbers becomes possible. If this is true, then there should be a natural set of quantum states that can account for all experiments performed to date, but not for Shor's factoring. Gerardus Gerard 't Hooft (IPA: xeːrɑrt ət hoːft]) (lahir 5 Juli 1946, Den Helder) adalah guru besar fisika teoretis dari Universitas Utrecht, Belanda.Ia menerima Penghargaan Nobel dalam Fisika 1999 dengan Martinus Josephus Godefriedus Veltman karena sumbangannya dalam menjelaskan struktur kuantum interaksi elektrolemah dalam fisika.. Asteroid 9491 Thooft dinamai menurut namanya; ia. Gerard 't Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physics Utrecht University, Leuvenlaan 4 3584 CC Utrecht, the Netherlands and Spinoza Institute Postbox 80.195 ection P and time reversal T, are of lesser importance since we know that Nature is not exactly invariant under those

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  1. ism and Free Will, held at the Cariplo Foundation Congress Center in.
  2. From what is known today about the elementary particles of matter and the forces that control their behaviour, it may be observed that a host of obstacles to our further understanding remain to be overcome. Most researchers conclude that drastically new concepts must be investigated, new starting points are needed, older structures and theories, in spite of their successes, will have to be.
  3. ism in the latter is restored. Gerard 't Hooft . Nucl.Phys.B 342 (1990) 471-485 • DOI: 10.1016/0550-3213(90)90323-6

Watch the full talk at https://iai.tv/video/beyond-quantum?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=description Quantum theory claims that reality is fundamentally unce.. arXiv: arXiv:physics/0611143 Bibcode: 2006physics..11143A Keywords: Physics - History of Physics; High Energy Physics - Theory; E-Print: 7 pages, Contribution to Gerard 't Hooft's 60th birthday celebration ``Under the Spell of Physics'

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When investigating theories at the tiniest conceivable scales in nature, almost all researchers today revert to the quantum language, accepting the verdict.. by Gerard 't Hooft - Springer, 2016 This book presents the deterministic view of quantum mechanics developed by Gerard 't Hooft. 't Hooft has revived the old hidden variable ideas, but now in a much more systematic way. Quantum mechanics is viewed as a tool rather than a theory. (3182 views) NetWorld!: What People are Really Doing on the Interne CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): It is argued that the so-called holographic principle will obstruct attempts to produce physically realistic models for the unification of general relativity with quantum mechanics, unless determinism in the latter is restored. The notion of time in GR is so different from the usual one in elementary particle physics.

The edge of a black hole might be a brick wall, says Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft, against which information about in-falling stuff bounces back like a tennis ball 't Hooft, G. (1991). The scattering matrix approach for the quantum black hole: an overview. Journal of Modern Physics, A11 (1996) pp. 4623-4688. arXiv:gr-qc/9607022; id. The Black hole horizon as a quantum surface, Physica Scripta, T36 (1991) 247 Gerard 't Hooft has just uploaded a new paper on arxiv: http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.3612 Summary: Ideas presented in two earlier papers are applied to.. Home; Books; Search; Support. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. Terms and Conditions; Get Published.

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  1. Beyond Quantum Mechanics, Full Talk, Gerard 't Hooft (12 May 2019). (26:08 of 27:19) Quotes about 't Hooft . Gerard is a Dutchman. The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe, but Gerard is short and solidly built, with a mustache and the look of a burgher
  2. ant arXiv service operated by Cornell University.Its name comes from arXiv spelled backwards. Description. Although do
  3. Gerard 't Hooft (homepage); How To Become a Good Theoretical Physicist; The Nobel Prize in Physics 1999; A Confrontation with Infinity, Nobel Lecture; Publications from Google Scholar; Publications on the Arxiv; TVO.org video - Gerard t'Hooft lectures on Science Fiction and Reality Lưu trữ 2013-05-03 tại Archive.today Lecture delivered at the Perimeter Institute trong nướcloo, Ontario.
  4. ism and Free Will, held at the Cariplo Foundation Congress Center in Milan on May 13, 2017
  5. On page 15 of this 't Hooft book, there is a paragraph referring to Wolfram's book A New Kind of Science:An extensive study of the role of cellular automata as models for addressing scientific questions was made by Stephen Wolfram in his book A New Kind of Science[92]

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  1. publication .Part of book or chapter of book . Preprint . 2015 . Singularities, Horizons, Firewalls, and Local Conformal Symmetry. Gerard 't Hooft
  2. Now 't Hooft says that to preserve the idea of causality in a theory of quantum gravity we need to accept the idea of a symmetry of scale. In other words, teh laws of physcis are the same at.
  3. Nobel prize winner, Gerard 't Hooft, says his new theory will do away with black holes and singularities, and replace them with scaling symmetry. Yousuf Khan. Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Black Holes Cannot Exist in Latest Theory of Quantum Gravity One of the great challenges of modern science is to unite our thinkin
  4. Gerard 't Hooft's argument. According to Gerard 't Hooft, every physicist recognizes immediately what is wrong with the idea of gravitational repulsion: if a ball is thrown high up in the air so that it falls back, then its motion is symmetric under time-reversal; and therefore, the ball falls also down in opposite time-direction
  5. It is brought forward that viable theories of the physical world that have no variable at all that can play the role of time, do not exist; some notion of time is one of the very first ingredients a candidate theory should possess. Almost by definition, time has an arrow. In contrast, time reversibility, or even the possibility to run the equations of motion backwards in time, is not at all a.
  6. Interesting Physics Links: String Theory Coffee Table, Not Even Wrong, John Baez, Warren Siegel, Gerard t'Hooft, Lubos Motl Friends: Brookie Williams , Aristotle Socrates , Brian Wecht , Bill Pezzaglia , Phoebe Erle
  7. Some time back we learned that arxiv.org, the physics e-print server that has largely superseded the role of traditional print journals, had taken a major step towards integration with the blogosphere, by introducing trackbacks.This mechanism allows blogs to leave a little link associated with the abstract of a paper on arxiv to which the blog post is referring; you can check out recent.

Published in:Nucl.Phys.B431:484-550,1994 [arXiv: hep-th/9408099] [1337 Total citations in HEP] 136 String theory dynamics in various dimensions By Edward Witten (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study). Published in:Nucl.Phys.B443:85-126,1995 [arXiv: hep-th/9503124] [1460 Total citations in HEP] 12 To je stran testnih primerov za peskovnik predloge Predloga:Navedi arXiv. Ponovno naložite stran za osvežitev primerov. Če je predloga zapletena z veliko primeri, lahko pride do tega, da se spodnji primeri ne naložijo zaradi omejitev v MediaWiki. Testiraš lahko tudi kako stran izgleda v različni koži s pomočjo spodnjih povezav Panos Betzios will tell us about the Unruh Effect, mostly following 't Section 5 of 't Hooft's paper [1]. 06/10/14 15:00 (Note new time!). Panos Betzios will continue with his lectures on the Unruh Effect, mostly following 't Section 5 of 't Hooft's paper [1] and an alternative derivation using density matrices Hello, I think it's interesting to post here some interesting publications or pre-publication links related to String and Brane..

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  1. istic basis for Quantum..
  2. Gerard 't Hooft Quantum Black Holes, Firewalls and the Topology of Space-Time A pedagogical treatment of a new approach version #3 January 22, 2017 version #6 August, 2018 version #9 October 2019 Centre for Extreme Matter and Emergent Phenomena, Science Faculty, Utrecht University, POBox 80.089, 3508 TB, Utrecht 1/7
  3. This paper combines findings reported in two previous preprints (G. 't Hooft in arXiv:1009.0669 [gr-qc], 2010; arXiv:1011.0061 [gr-qc], 2010) and puts these in a clearer perspective by shifting the emphasis towards the implications for particle models
  4. istic model of the universe is a toy that emerged in the early days of the personal computer, called Conway's Game of Life[1].An inflnite two dimensional array of cells is considered, where each cell carries a variable ¾ that may have the value 1 (\alive) or 0 (\dead)
  5. At Foundations of Physics, Gerard 't Hooft has a new paper which doesn't seem to be on the arXiv, On the Foundations of Superstring Theory (you may need a subscription to read it). Here's the abstract

Several researchers, including Leonid Levin, Gerard 't Hooft, and Stephen Wolfram, have argued that quantum mechanics will break down before the factoring of large numbers becomes possible. If this is true, then there should be a natural set of quantum states that can account for all experiments performed to date, but not for Shor's factoring algorithm. We investigate as a candidate the set of. Gerard 't Hooft. 2; Emanuele Severino. 3; Piero Coda. 4; 1. Department of Mathematics Politecnico of Milano Milano Italy; 2. Institute for Theoretical Physics Utrecht University Utrecht The Netherlands; 3. Brescia Italy; 4. Istituto Universitario Sophia Firenze Ital DOI: 10.1007/s10701-013-9702-z Corpus ID: 189843914. Duality Between a Deterministic Cellular Automaton and a Bosonic Quantum Field Theory in 1+1 Dimensions @article{Hooft2013DualityBA, title={Duality Between a Deterministic Cellular Automaton and a Bosonic Quantum Field Theory in 1+1 Dimensions}, author={Gerard 't Hooft}, journal={Foundations of Physics}, year={2013}, volume={43}, pages. Twenty years later, Leonard Susskind and Gerard 't Hooft extended this notion to the entire universe, likening it to a hologram: our three-dimensional universe in all its glory emerges from a. by Robert Geroch - arXiv, 1996 All partial differential equations that describe physical phenomena in space-time can be cast into a universal quasilinear, first-order form. We describe some broad features of systems of differential equations so formulated. (13022 views) Introduction to General Relativity by Gerard 't Hooft - Rinton Press, 201

We don't even have to agree it's unintuitive - I actually don't think so. Intuition comes with use. Even if you can't stomach the math, you can build your quantum intuition for example by playing Quantum Moves , a video game that crowd-sources players' solutions for quantum mechanical optimization problems If black hole formation and evaporation can be described by an S matrix, information would be expected to come out in black hole radiation. An estimate shows that it may come out initially so slowly, or else be so spread out, that it would never show up in an analysis perturbative in MPlanck/M, or in 1/N for two-dimensional dilatonic black holes with a large number N of minimally coupled. Download PDF Abstract: By investigating the canonical commutation rules for gravitating quantized particles in a 2+1 dimensional world it is found that these particles live on a space-time lattice. The space-time lattice points can be characterized by three integers. Various representations are possible, the details depending on the topology chosen for energy-momentum space

Gerard 't Hooft has answered critics who bring up this here: arXiv:1112.1811, section 6. Additionally, another author who has taken a deeper look into the worries of conspiracies in QM interpretations is Peter J. Lewis in his paper Conspiracy Theories of Quantum Mechanics (also here ) Gerard 't Hooft states on his webpage:. I have mathematically sound equations that show how classical models generate quantum mechanics. Also, there are some interesting discussions here on Physics SE about the question, see for example Discreteness and determinism in superstrings and Deterministic quantum mechanics [or searching for +hooft +determini*] and the links therein Hi Saibal, You are correct that Gerard 't Hooft is one of the world exponents in QFTh. But Quantum Field Theory is but one small piece of QM and one in which non-local effects do not play a direct role (as of yet) We show that the dissipation term in the Hamiltonian for a couple of classical damped-amplified oscillators manifests itself as a geometric phase and is actually responsible for the appearance of the zero point energy in the quantum spectrum of the 1D linear harmonic oscillator. We also discuss the thermodynamical features of the system. Our work has been inspired by 't Hooft proposal. How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist - a referral and explanatory guide I came across recently; from basic math to string theory. By Gerard 't Hooft, Utrecht University, Netherlands

The Reference Frame: There are no 't Hooft's ontological base

$\begingroup$ I don't think it is fair to say his ideas were characterized as crackpottery, they were just characterized as wrong. In my opinion, they are still just as wrong. The obvious thing about this paper is that it is dealing with the string world-sheet theory, giving a t'Hooft deterministic model for it, but this is not space-time physics, but world-sheet physics and there are insane. text in which unquoted lines are <= 72 characters. -- J.T.] On Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 2:04:41 AM UTC-5, stargene wrote: > A query on recent work by Prof. Gerard 't Hooft. > [Note: In the following, I am not asking about the plausibility or > correctness of his posted work. I simply ask for clarificatio Ali H. Chamseddine, Alain Connes, & Viatcheslav Mukhanov (2014). Quanta of Geometry arXiv arXiv: 1409.2471v3. Gerard 't Hooft (2014). The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. A View on the Quantum Nature of our Universe, Compulsory or Impossible? arXiv arXiv: 1405.1548v

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viXra is an electronic e-print archive set up by independent physicist Philip Gibbs as an alternative to the dominant arXiv service operated by Cornell University. Its name comes from arXiv spelled backwards. Description. ↑ 't Hooft, Gerard (2017-11-15) Gerard 't Hooft suggested that the antipodal interpretation permits a time-symmetric equilibrium,[1] which in turn suggests there is a threshold mass at which infall and antipodal outflow become equal and time-symmetric. Below this 't Hooft threshold a dark mirror body can explode violently by emitting more particles than it takes in Gerard 't Hooft. Gerardus 't Hooft, Gerard ' t Hooft ( born July 5, 1946 in Den Helder) is a Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate.. Life Gerard ' t Hooft comes from a family of scientists: his uncle was the physicist Nico van Kampen, his grandfather, the biologist Pieter Nicolaas van Kampen and his great-uncle, the physicist and Nobel Laureate Frits Zernike 其名称来自arXiv (Gerard't Hooft)写道:当论文在viXra中发表时,通常表明它不太可能包含可接受的结果。这(注:包含可接受的结果)虽然可能,但与此相反的可能性相当大。(虽然我确知某些例子 Gerardus 't Hooft ialah ahli fizik teori Belanda dan profesor di Universiti Utrecht, Belanda. Beliau berkongsi Hadiah Nobel dalam Fizik pada tahun 1999 dengan penasihat tesis Martinus J. G. Veltman untuk menjelaskan struktur kuantum interaksi elektrolemah.[1][2][3][4

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Gerardus Gerard 't Hooft (* 5. července 1946 v Den Helder) V roce 1969 začal T'Hooft pracovat na doktorátu, opět pod vedením Veltmana, Publikace na arXiv. Jak se stát dobrým teoretickým fyzikem, od Gerarda 't Hoofta; díl pořadu Hyde Park Civilizace,. That paper appeared on the arXiv last month, Top image: Artist's concept of a black hole, via Wikimedia. Bottom image: Gerard 't Hooft and Stephen hawking in August 2015. Credit:. A query on recent work by Prof. Gerard â t Hooft. [Note: In the following, I am not asking about the plausibility or correctness of his posted work. I simply ask for clarification on certain things the author might be proposing which I may well be missing]... In the last few years the great Dutch theorist G. â t Hooft publishe Gerardus 't Hooft , nizozemski fizičar. Doktorirao na Sveučilištu u Utrechtu gdje je bio profesor. Gostovao je kao predavač na više znanstvenih konferencija Adriatic meeting on particle physics, koje organiziraju zagrebački fizičari čestica. Kako se 1960-ih pojavila nada da će se objašnjenje temeljnoga slabog međudjelovanja naći putem objedinjenja s elektromagnetizmom, na sličan.

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Pimp your mind | ProfLaureate - Gerardus &#39;t HooftGerard ′t HooftActors of the history of neutrino
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